I’ve just stopped caring

Motivation is pretty low recently. Knew it would come eventually. I have about enough time and energy for 1 game at a time. I figured once I finally snagged a ps5 my time in JWTG would dwindle down to bare bones playing and that’s pretty much what has happened. I get on and manage the park, trading, hatching, fusing, collecting and that’s about it. Been trying to wrap up CoT on D2s game for the month and just doing 1 or 2 PvE per day on her account has been like pulling teeth.

Combine that with the holiday hustle and it’s a bad recipe.

Probably hold at this pace for a while I assume.


Thanks to tournaments my motivation has gone up. I dont know when I’ll lose it but I still have tons of tournaments to unlock soooo…

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As do I, but the fact that every dino release is through a tournament is just cumbersome.

I still have tourney dinos to unlock (Sino + Patchy) but the new release tournaments just arent interesting. I legit grinded 1600 trophies yesterday to get Arambourginia. To me it was just a same old grind, nothing new.

I have the motivation to unlock things, even do repeat tournaments. I am just not interested in any new content because it gets released exactly the same as prior releases.


I absolutely agree with you


Agreed. Also every new creature being tournament is kinda unfair for new players. We also should have the normal rarities again cause i honestly don’t want every new rig to be tournaments unless it is something that can’t be expanded because it’s the only unique species like gigantophitecus or Arthropleura for example. Same for gen 2s. Every gen 2 after t rex and velociraptor was tournament so i also don’t do these untill we get another new basal non tournament creature

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Well the reason why Ludia does that is for expanding the endgame. The tournaments are a grind and need a mid-level roster, the tourney dinos take 7 days to hatch, and if they get hybridized then it expands endgame rosters (as well as being a DNA sink).

Whereas adding dinos of lower rarities doesn’t really contribute to that.

But because it’s tournament after new release tournament, it’s just old for me. I was completely uninterested in Aram’s tournament. I still did it from a completion standpoint, but it was the exact same experience as Deinosuchus, Carbonemys, Deinonychus, Sonorasaurus, and the ones before it. Special releases like Albertosaurus did have a longer tournament, but yet again it was still bland with no rules, just over a longer period.

I guess the steady stream of tourney dinos wouldn’t be a problem if things were mixed up every so often. Either different rarities or different tournaments.


Or rules, perhaps more cenos and aquatics tourneys?