I vote we all

…cancel VIP until Ludia makes 10 fuses something that doesn’t happen to VIP. Let alone 10 10s in a freaking row. I don’t feel like a VIP right now, Ludia. I don’t want to pay for you to make me feel ordinary. :roll_eyes:


:rofl: well said!

I agree! VIP not feeling very beneficial. Eliminating 10’s while fusing would be a huge step in the right direction.

I cancelled mine after 1.5 dropped. Just wasn’t impressed how they didn’t address any of the bugs.

I cancelled mine after 1.5. Had it since the game started. Don’t miss it at all

Yup, me neither. I was hoping they would have added more benefits after a few months, but nope, still crap considering we are paying to play.

I’m starting to feel bad now, I still have mines all the way from August… :frowning:

The only reason I keep mine is for drone range. But yeah I feel like our coin limits should at least be higher. I feel like we aren’t getting our money’s worth.

10’s feel like a kick in the nether region. 10 of them in a row with vip is like… investing everything you have in Enron.

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I still have mine from May.

The game may have some small issues and VIP should be better but I enjoy this game and I’m willing to support it.

Small issues. LMAO :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::confused:

Yes, they are small issues that people are blowing out of all proportion. Do they need fixing? Yes and I am sure that Ludia are doing so while making sure the fixes don’t cause all new ones.

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I got 13x 10s in a row then 1x 20s and then it started 10s only…I used so much trex g2 and dilo (which is hard to get coz of the fake park spawn) very frustrated

You have too much faith try a cup of reality lol

I feel your pain. My record is 15 times 10…unfortunately. after that i didnt fuse for like 3 weeks because of disappointment.

I got 14 10s when working on my Allosino, wanted to shoot my foot on that one with how rare Sino dna is.

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Aguero is better than Bobby tho :roll_eyes:

Mo salah is the best forget the rest🤣 top of the table, downed the scummy devils🤣

That sounds totally fair to me actually. I am not a VIP, the benefits of it just don’t sound worth my money. Getting rid of the 10s is a small change but would be very attractive.

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3rd of January might be a decider!

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