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I want a rematch! -s.s.🦈


Ugh! These players got me! I bet they’re buying in game cash :frowning:See below and hit me up on Twitter @sterling_shark


Hi SS.
This account is my 10yr old son’s and 9 days ago he was probably only level 3 as he is only halfway through level 5 at the moment. I have an account too, and neither of us spend money on this game, other than the level up incubators that cost in game cash, and I think there was only one or 2 of them.

I’m sure he’d be happy to rematch though! :smiley:



Haha no way! I was just playing around with the comment about in game cash but I applaud his play! Battling more myself I’m at level 7 now. Much love from Venice California keep hunting!


That blows the rumor that all opponents are npc’s out of the water.


I have to ask how did you manage that much coin? Cause if you share your secret I can retract my complaint about coins being to hard to get. Please share!


We just spin lots of drops and the one of 2 special incubators we got gave us plenty of coins. Other than that, only evolve the dinos you’re fighting with or need to evolve for fusing. :slight_smile: Oh and battle lots for incubators :slight_smile:


Yes yes yes! Idk about you guys but I’ve been getting pretty darn fit from all the brisk walking/jogging/sprinting between supply drops, Dino’s and incubators!