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I want Alice Martin back!

I found that many people don’t like you. But I have to say that she’s one of my favourite characters and I want her back. I miss chatting with her. Please bring her back!!!


Alice/Eve were definetly fun and outgoing with adventure. She was one of my first characters

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I agree. She annoyed me with her flighty nature but I want to see her story and character develop. There’s a backstory there that needs to be explored.

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I want Alice back too, or in my case, Eve. It’s been too long, nearly seven months, for me.
I wasn’t so keen on her at first, but I stuck with her, and after finding out why she’s like the way she is, she grew on me and now I rather like her and want to spend more time with her, there’s definitely a lot of places they can take her story wise
Along with Clementine and Sage, she one of my top 3 matches.

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I have Grace, not Clementine. I really disliked her at first, the way she kept dumping me on dates to go off with someone else, and the way she let the tutor manipulate her.

But when she grew a set and beat him up and then dumped her parents I totally fell for her. It was a really good character arc.

I’m hoping that Alice/Eve have a similar positive growth arc.

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I’ve liked Clementine from the start, and her kicking out than beating up Mr Goodman on those two occasions only made me love her even more than I already did, and she only bailed on one date for another because her mum tricked her, so I can’t blame her for that.

As for Alice/Eve, they ended her story as things were getting good, with her owning her commitment issues and her being willing to work on them, things were only going to get better with her.

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I like those two alot but I also am waiting for William and Jasmin. Those two are probably my two favorite characters

Yeah, the Alice/Eve thing with her admitting her hang ups felt like a significant plot point.

The Grace Kim/Clementine thing. She bailed on the first date because her mum had arranged another date. Sure, she was honest about that but I would have bollocked her for that personally.

How dare you dump me mid-date to go off on another date with some posh toff.

But the one that really wounded me was when she was like, “come back to my place… oh wait, my tutor’s here. You better leave.”

I’m sorry, but that second one would have been a point of no return for me.

That said, the fact that she came back from that, kicked Mr Gs butt and then got her own place, made me fall for her.

Y’know that the flat mate is gonna get proper posesssive about her though, right? And she ain’t gonna be able to say no, jus’ like she wasn’t able to say no to Mr G or to mummy. The cycle continues.

Y’know I’m right!

For The first date, I still won’t blame Clementine as her mum said it was a "family emergency", so she didn’t know until she got there. But on the second date, I say you’re 50% right. As much as I wanted to go in there and punch Mr Goodman in the face myself, I understand why she wanted to sort it out on her own and avoid as much unnecessary trouble as she could. A similar situation happened to a friend of mine, his girlfriend had a possessive ex, and he punched her ex in the face, and well, the scumbag ex reported him, and he got arrested.

As for the flatmate, I reckon you’re right; he’s trouble, but my relationship status with Clementine is a :heart:. Plus she’s has grown as a person. She isn’t the pushover she once was. There will definitely be drama, but it would be boring if there wasn’t any.

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So many of the women I want to have continuation of their stories. Currently only have Angel left. Grace and Rose are my favorites so far but have enjoyed the others so far. The model has been my least favorite. After Angel is finished I’m not sure where to go…have contemplated matching with Nico.

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Same!! She was so adventurous and fun. It’s been so long without her :sob:

same, at this point i just want some girls content