I want ask a question?

can this game free to play ? bcs i am a beginner

Welcome @lim_sern, you can play this game without spending any money, it depends on what you want to achieve and how fast.
There will be some events that are only for VIP members (those who pay) but generally everything is possible without spending real money.

Yah. I’m free to play as well and I’ve been playing for about 6 months and already have two level twenty indominus rexes. It’s not that hard to progress to the top as long as you complete all the daily battle events and get all of the resources you can while being smart with what you spend dna on.

I will add that it’s definitely tough as a beginner to play for free, but it does become easier if you stick with it. I did end up paying for the VIP membership, which is not necessary but DOES make you progress a lot faster, I also did a lot of the Tapjoy rewards to earn DBs early on (don’t spend them though unless you REALLY need to!) Now I can play PvPs to earn those (you have to pay 5 DBs to play, but I almost always earn more back), there’s a lot of good posts on this forum on how to battle in PvP matches, etc. that really helped me but ultimately practice and doing them every day was the best teacher.