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I want Dory

I read Lion King? & saw the word Pixar and I suggest you add Dory and the Finding Nemo characters. Dory is my favorite. Woody is a close second.
Wall-E is my 3rd favorite Pixar character. As for Disney I suggest Flynn Ryder, oh shoot that reminds me… I want Rapunzel from Tangled, Elsa from haha you know where Elsa is from, Moana from lol that kinda says it as well, Merida from Brave and wellll I guess Anna too.


Thank you for sharing your list of favorite characters with us @Cretinous_Martyr :heart:

Our goal is to add as many Disney/Pixar characters as possible. Hopefully, you’ll see some of your favorites in our game! Did you pre-register? :wink: