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I want my 10 bucks back!

This morning I needed 12 battles for daily missions and decided to do the tournament. I changed my line up to common and rare and paid my 10 dollar entry fee and hit battle only to sit there for 10 minutes waiting and nothing! I tried starting again and again and again only to get no battles! After 30 minutes I gave up.

Are you telling me not one other person on the planet was playing?

I wants my 10 bucks back :joy::joy:

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A lot of alliances boycotted the tournament because of the terrible rewards; still surprised it was that quiet.


Yeah this tournament was terrible, never battled so little due to the constant “error occurred” nor did I ever battle the same players this much😅

I would have been happy to battle anyone this morning instead all I got was the stupid tips and a spinning dna thingy!

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I’m not even going to bother with support! But IMO Ludia owes me a free entry into the next one :wink::wink:

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Ludia just needs to scrap tournaments altogether. They are all terrible and give crappy rewards as compensation.

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I was considering entering one in the winter when the rain starts and I’m stuck indoors, but after reading this I think I’ll hold off.

Don’t discount all the tournaments. I have enjoyed a few of them. I think one was Common/Rare, no hybrids, user level, no boosts. It was fun to use the critters I leveled up as I maxed on DNA. I was not battling at the top with fleets of level 30, I was in the middle, mixing it up. There were some really interesting team combinations.

I didn’t battle all weekend, just a few here and there. Doubled my money and had some fun. I stay out of them if there are boosts involved or Rat is going to be a huge factor. I get ratted enough in regular arena.

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That’s what got me interested. I have some high-level unboosted commons, rares, and epics I’d like to use in a no-boost tournament.

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Sorry I had to post this. That’s how I did in that tournament :laughing::laughing::grin: