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I want my rhino dna back

This is very dissapoiting and do you allow something like this happen Ludia?Also why do Epic exclusives always have to give you the worst number of dna???how is that FAIR?


could have been worse, a lot worse, could have gotten 200


The return is about right.

I always get (and expect an average of around 20 DNA per Unique fusions). So 18 per fuse in your case is very much acceptable.

Worse case scenario is 10 DNAs x 20 fusions = 200 DNAs


Unfortunately that’s the way it goes sometimes
Nothing you can actually do about it , it sucks but you will get used to stuff like this .


i 100% agree with the epic exclusives give the lowest amount. I have done SOOO many fuses for ankyntro and NEVER have gotten anything above 100 for a fuse. It is a complete rip off

sometimes it’s fairScreenshot_20210419_201212_com.ludia.jw2

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  1. And you never will get above 100 per fuse. 100 is max.
  2. Neither Ankyntro ingredient is exclusive.

Works fine.


I get lots of 60, 70, and 80 on the 5 multifuse. It’s very frustrating but I’ve actually come to the point to just expect it now and if I get more than 20 per fuse average I’m happy.


100 is not max for 5x. I have gotten 150 at most for a 5x fuse but rarely, and I meant other exclusive epics such as grypo, titanoboa (I think), etc

Oh, 5x multifuse can of course give more. Single fuse can not give more than 100.

Why is it that the monolorhino has a move that cleanses DOT but is immune to DOT attacks? And Why the weak attacks? Monolometrodon is not weak which is part of the dna. Rework this creature please or refund my dna.

are you saying it needs a buff?
it really really really doesn’t, and multiple people can attest to that


monolorhino is top tier, it needs no buff

it is a swap in good damage, then it can survive with distract, shield, and high health and armor. It can bypass armor, shield and dodge for an impact and then get out of the situtation and swap back in later

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I’d agree with the above, except the damage on the rhino is poor, especially the 1x swap-in amount.

To be honest I’m building it off-team, and I’m not desperate to bring it in.

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I wish monolorhino got a buff on the attack back to 1400

No… not sure it needs a buff… I think many can attest to that

If mrhino needs anything it’s a nerf(which i don’t think it does)

It has a decent dmg swap in piercing stun, it’s pretty fast and overall has AMAZING defences, it can consistenly shield and distract and that DI makes slightly makes up for the lack of offences. Mrhino also has RIDICILUSLY good resistances, i’d honestly nerf the bleed and rend resistances both to lets say 25%, as it’s a tank and i don’t think should be immune to them

I disagree for nerf in the resistance