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I want my rhino dna back

It’s a primarily resilient wildcard it would make scense for those fierce atributes to be somewhat effective against it, plus either way it’s still gonna distract u and can cleanse the dot so it’s barley a nerf

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That’s what all the new players say about Monolorhino till theirs catches up to the levels and boosts of the opponents. Then they realise that this thing is a monster.
Seriously, try it out in the next Unique skill tournament.


Bro that’s how RNG works. Everyone gets triggered by it at times. I once had 17 10’s in a row with Gemini

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Quite the opposite of buff. Weak attacks and if you face a shield breaker you are dead very quick. Mine is at level 23 and 1800 damage with strongest attack is very weak compared to on level creatures.

just so you know, now monolometrodon is being changed for a fierce impact instead of rampage, it can also be slowed. Its a monolorhino that has not swap in, who has the weak attacks now?

But u need to consider mrhino is the one who adds the epic execlusive component and as the superhybrid certanly should be better