I want rixis to get nerfed!

We all saw how OP rixis was in tournaments, being a superhybrid it needs to be strong but that’s way too much! Its gaurenteed dealing off half the health anything it meets. It’s only good counter is thyla even that to suffers if it doesn’t crit in maiming wound. With the two Stunning moves hand in hand it goes: immobilize-GSS-Ferocious impact. Finishing off anything without stun resistance. I would like any one of the nerfs

  1. dmg 1000-1150
  2. lethal wound replaces GSS
  3. speed less than 114
  4. looses speed decrease immunity
  5. GSS becomes delayed for 2 turns
    Sarcorixis is one of my favorite creatures but it’s too powerful at this movement.

Its only too powerful because a lot of people have it maxed boosted, where few people have its counters max boosted.


I think this is how sarco can be changed, I changed immobilize to ferocious defense and GSS to lethal wound, either 2 could be changed back to their original moves but I think we should keep resilient impact since it would take 2 turns to do big damage rather than 1


Please do not nerf or buff them unless you are also changing other game mechanics.
If there is a powerful creature in the game, most players try to level up that creature or level up their counters (whichever gets the job done faster). They boost them to make them even stronger on their way up.
Usually this takes months to reach the goal.
Then that creature is nerfed, sometimes nerfed to oblivion. Sometimes their counters don’t get nerfed and suddenly rise like a phoenix from the ashes. Players often end up with an (almost) useless but boosted creature. Time and maybe money wasted. And no chance to apply boosts to other creatures without loss.
It took a few releases to make Draco useful again. Procera and Indo found a new home in raids. But they are either too weak or have too strong counters and are therefore no longer usable in PVP battles.


The combination of Maiming Wound and Immobilize would be really good. Just saying.

Indom gen 2, Chops. Also, dimodactylus was also really beastly against rixis. Then you also had suchotator, who would basically bleed it to death. It most certainly wasn’t OP. OP is a creature that dominates and dominates well. Entelomoth back in 1.14 legendary tournaments is OP. Sarco could easy take a creature if you aren’t prepared, but it couldn’t really sweep, especially with the swappers and bleeders in the tournament

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descarga (72)

Only reduce resitance to speed decrease. that’s fine

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I thinks it’s even better now but I don’t like how it doesn’t have the only good move on sarco

Thule like it every time. Its immune to decel, maiming wound does like 60% of it’s hp cuz it does 100 which is like 25 on top of its 40% bleed and then it does 60% damage. It wilould still 100% without the damage on bleed

Why not buff all the other Dino’s, then it seems like it should be this good cuz the others epic will be good and this will just be great

it is easier nerf, to polish all the dinos. Do you know how many creatures are in the game? It is easier for them to nerf one (rixis) because it is cheaper

That used to be the case, but now it wins even without the crit, although by a very small margin.

Wins by a very small margin.

Doesn’t win 1v1 but it’s useful against it nevertheless

The reason I’m bringing up margins is because with a swap-in damage creature, Rixis beats all of these counters, while you won’t find any of the other Epic hybrids having this problem, again suggesting that Rixis is something of an outlier.

Buffing Postimetrodon and Gorgosuchus would give it 2 “proper” counters, but honestly so many Epic hybrids are trash and need buffs that I can’t really say if it would be as dominant as it is now in the aftermath of all the buffs or not.

Speaking of reworks though, here’s my take on a bleeder version of Rixis image

It would totally still be relevant in the endgame (kind of like Thylacotator) but it can’t remove Cloak or stunlock opponents anymore.
As a Rixis user myself, I think I like this version better than the current one, though I am fairly biased.

Note that the Superior Rending Strike does not bypass armour or shields.


But rixis isn’t unstoppable. It’s got counters, and unlike moth, those counters are on every single team. And bleed is common in this tournament, and rixis hates that. Sure we lose sucho next week, but none of sarco’s counters are gone from the mix and are still everywhere. More people may pick up dimodactylus, which is another pain in sarco’s side

this si way to underpowered!

u guys, rixis is easy to get. also its not very OP. chops easy kill it. chops is OP not rixis ok. OP is something that defeats all of the creatures like how indor g2 did. and also, rixis is easy to get so…

Chops isn’t op either. No epic hybrid is op. Even indo gen 2 wasn’t really op. The only real op creature in a tournament setting was entelomoth


There’s a lot to say about past problems in tourneys, and while technically the only broken one was Moth, DC was still a pain

they are complaining bc its too good and too easy to get
they have it already

Indo2 had counters in slow, bulky bleeders (Suchotator) dodgers like Spinoconstrictor (dodge and then chip away with a counter or the like), or anti dodge tanks like Max

Rixis is fine.