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I want some actual developer feedback for this

So, Ludia, moderators…

Why has the ability to look at PvP players boost layouts been taken away? What is the actual logical reasoning for this? It’s been too long for it to be just a bug. Why was there no announcement saying these were going away?

The matchmaking is horrible so you just don’t want us to see how horrible anymore since you can’t fix it or??

I just lost to this player at the 5100 trophies range of the library and they had a Mortem Rex with 3000+ attack and a Hadros Lux with 2200 attack. I’m so tired of these completely unfair wastes of time.

And if I get banned again for calling this out, message me with a reason, don’t just block me out.


I got this team at about 52ishimage

But nonetheless i liked seeing my opponents boost setups

You’re at 5200 range with all that?

Unfortunately yes. My boost is spread too thin to get me to shores as i used to pre 2.0. My mortem is only boosted to 126 speed. My mags has 30 boost but none that i could use for attack. Tenonto i just recently put on my team for a 29 level erliko at 130 speed. Cera i just replaced for a level 29 unboosted Dracocera. My toura is 20 attk and 10 health but in the arena its only so much help. I concluded that we reached a bottle neck in library where there’s a large quantity of players stuck there but with the ability to compete in gyro.

Crazy part only that for a long while i had my Gemini and toura boosted to my liking. I had a ton of speed and health boost that i just threw into my remaining creatures but it really didn’t make a difference as i reached a peak of just over 55 but i tend to fall as far down as 52(where i currently am at) due to rng and/or being outmatched(I’ve been rolled over at 3-0 at times lol).

Not only it would be nice to be able to see the boosts for other players, like we used to, but it would also be nice to have a rough idea of the algorithm for the matchmaking. The reason I ask is because I would like to see how much weight the boosts have in the matchmaking. As the two example above, there’s many teams with 2 or 3 Apexes now. But many players didn’t bother to accumulate boost for them so they use them with very little boosts. So let say they may have 30 boosts in 6 Unique dinos and almost none in the two (or three) Apex. Well even at level 26 or 27, barely boosted Apexes are almost the equivalent of a level 30 boosted unique. So the team with two Apex may have only 180 boosts total, while somebody with the Apex on the bench may have 8 Unique fully boosted (total 240 boosts). So this could explain even crazier matchmaking that Ludia gave us so far…


I had this team at 4700

The Mortem had 2700+ damage which OHKO’d My first Dino. Some vexus DOT and a lucky Proceratosaur crit finally killed it, then THAT Max.

I should never have been paired with that team! But at least let me see what I faced.


Yeah im hoping theres a boost reset cuz i do have a bunch of speed boost in my bench(not including my rex and blue that i fully boost to remain competitive in tourneys) plus i dont think for my touramoloch i need all those boost for it to remain useful in raids(boosted it at the time cuz it was a level 24 when raids were first introduced).

Unless your below 5000… there are no power based algorithms for match making. After 5k match making is supposed to be strictly trophy based so it shouldn’t be taken any of that into account.

2 things:

  1. matchmaking above Aviary is trophy only.

  2. The reasoning is to hide quality builds from unfriendly eyes to ensure the top players have the tactical advantage.

I believe we should be able to see our opponent’s build as a means of holding them accountable.


Learning something new every day! Thanks for clarifying this 5000 limit. Never saw anything about it until now.

Are you aware how long the chat has been broken for? Over 2 years!


You missed this announcement apparently.

#2 exactly. That function had been working fine for a long time and then oops, sorry it broke. It broke because various alliances didn’t like others knowing how they build their dinos. You won’t convince me otherwise.


Face off is related but also not the same issue at hand here.