I want to ask: Is Maiasaura extinct?

Since the last update I’m seeing a lot more Epics, it haven’t seen a single Maiasaura. Anyone else have the same issue?

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Nope, I’ve been seeing her lately. Not a lot, but once in a blue moon.

Last time I saw one was through an Epic Scent

Sanctuaries are your best bet in getting Maia.

I only see it like once a month or less. Luckily I got some from the recent alliance mission rewards.

Well… they’re all kindof extinct.


All dinosaurs: why do I hear sans music?

Asteroid comes in blasting


Saw a Maiasaura this morning so they are out there.

Local 3 is where they hide. I caught a few when hunting for Titanaboas

Saw one last week in L3, but it’s indeed quite rare. Seeing much more Secodontosaurus here for some reason.

Yep - anytime spawn in Local 3; seen quite a few there but the local spawns are diluted by the large number of global epic spawns now. Image from gamepress.gg

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I darted one via a common scent yesterday.

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I’ve seen maybe 3 in the wild since last update, and I hunt all zones regularly

I’ve only ever seen one, And I couldn’t get to it. I got it from a gold capsule and an alliance member shared the rest of the dna. I haven’t seen one since November.

Found two today on a quick ten minute walk to the shops. They are out there but as with any spawns it’s all luck.

I actually see them quite often, sometimes 2 or 3 in an hour… they’re out there

I live in Zone 3, and all I ever see are Monolopho with the occasional Secondo.

I found a couple this week while looking for Dimetrodon. Lucky.