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I want to get my team ferocity higher

Hi all,
Actually I am thinking, how to get higher ferocity of my team and not to lose ferocity balance, and enough creatures, to still keep PvE in optimal difficulty. Any Ideas, what to do?
(Last photo shows ferocity)




Metrias to L20
Monostegos to L30
Ostapo to L40
Tapejalo to L30
Dimetro to L30/40
Eolambia/Any VIP to L40.

Basically it’s all in the same ballpark of ferocity, and I have zero issue completing events. I can even get away with using L30 VIPS and L40 Tourneys for some lower ferocity events (like the VIP events).

This is my S-tier roster for reference:


I am afraid i will have too much little cratures left in team if i do that…

No youl be fine, if you bring your vips up to 40 youl still have a deep bench of creatures to support that ferocity, my tops are indo 20s gorgo quetzal allo 40 mata segno metriaph 30 and like bae I can get away with using level 30 vips and tournament 40s still in pve.

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@OstaposaurusBae @Aether_12 All this day i worked on table to made data how my team should look if I do it and I can do it. Do you think i still can get least 500 points for one tournament run, with that higher cooldown in this count?

Carnivores: 16
Amphibians: 14
Herbivores: 18
Pterosaurs 14
all: 62

*count tournament able creatures only

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Yeah easily, you can do fodder main fodder with vip 40s so that will give you more available creatures to use.

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well i get ostapos level 40 (two), dimetrodon to 20 - both, baryonyx to 40, prestoto 30 and i am out of food - first time of my play i am out of foddd (from 70 mil.)


Food is one of the quickest resources to go late game and one of the hardest to build back up, just have to wait for a coin to food trade from chanya.


And it could be several weeks of living off of AF to Food Trades


Yep, but for luck there still more than 1 mil. food per day, its just be slower to get that dinos to higher levels

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Yes, i can easily grind through Pred in one go just off my L40 base Tourney dinos. That’s like a solid C-tier roster, and it consists of roughly 70 dinos in my C-tier roster. And an important note is that I don’t do fodders in my tourney runs and I do most of my grinding the day before a Tournament ends.

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Okay done, how is it now?

Looking good, just need more, you can always use more creatures :wink:.

Actualy I am going to made second yutyrannus and first trodon to get youdon and made level 20 yudon and cca one level 18 yudon, who shoud get before indoraptor (level 20) and for indoraptor (level 18) to fill a small place in ferocity

I’d get some more herbivores at the top, do you have either segno, draco or mata unlocked?

only segnosuchus “parrents”

already have