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I want to play JWA!

I’m from the JWTG forum and I want to play JWA but I search my tablet for Jurassic World Alive it won’t show up… I use an Amazon fire hd 8 10th generation, it already has google services but it still won’t show. So any of you guys know how to download it here?

I don’t really know…

Anyone else?:sweat_smile:

Hey Indominus_Rexy, does your device have the Google Play Store installed?

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Is your device a kindle fire from Amazon

Yeah specifically Amazon Fire HD8 10th Generation

Jwa isn’t supported on Amazon kindle fire tablets unfortunately

Even if it has google services?

Mine doesn’t have Google services but I dont think it does

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Kindle Fire devices don’t support JWA, doesn’t matter if you have Google Play services or download an APK, it just won’t work,


Well ok… I’ll just stick to Jurassic World The Game I guess.