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I want to replace Indoraptor with something else

This is my team. I want to replace Indoraptor with one of the following three:
Utarinex (Lv26 already)
Mammolania (decent strength)
Testacornibus (I just think an armored deer looks very cool)
Among the three options above, which one of them you think is the strongest? I will listen to ur advice and work towards that. Thanks!

Can you list out the uniques you have? But personally, Lania would seem like a solid option though I’ve yet to face one in arena. It needs some Attack boosts on it though

O don’t know how well testa does now since i haven’t unlucked It, but i suspect lania is the better creature. Since you have more speedsters than tanks, i belive having a solid tank like lania is the better option. But rinex is amazing now, If you prefer a more hard hitting speed oriented team go for rinex, it’s faster now, got some resistances that complement It well and decent bulk for a high damage speedster.

I really hope rinex can inherit swap-in resilient strike.