I want to report a bug with the new Cenozoic creatures

I’m on Android so I don’t know if this affects IOS users but when I try to use any of the new Cenozoic creatures I can’t pick their first move. The moves don’t show up and I can’t blind pick where I think the are I have to wait for the timer to go down and use the default move. Another problem I found is when the opponent uses a Cenozoic creature I can’t see my moves even if I’m using a regular dino. It would be nice if this got fixed :).

Hey Winry_Alric, if this happens again, could you try closing your game and then relaunching and see if that fixes the issue?

If it persists after restarting, do not hesitate to reach out to our support team here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key and our team can investigate further.

I have an Android( Honor 10) get neither of these issues.

Maybe if people said the specific phone it could help.

I have same issue and have reinstalled, cleared cache, done everything , I can’t view the new dino’s as all I get is pink but every other Dino is fine

Hey Shazbo1963, could you go into your app store and see if your game is updated to version 1.7.30?

Yes it is the new update

Could you reach out to our support team here at support+forums@ludia.com with your device details so they can gather more information and investigate? Thanks!

Mine is still on 1.7.27…

Mine was the same like yours
Went to the updates and pressed on the dino and when the page opened was requesting the update
Don’t press on the open
If you press the open doesn’t request the update , just opens the game

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I can’t even use the new creatures because the lag is so bad when they appear on the screen. I’m not willingly submitting to that torture, so they arw unusable to me and a nightmare when my opponent uses them. When my opponent brings one out, my attacks disappear after their laggy intro. It also doesn’t give me the full 15sec to attempt to choose an attack while the buttons are invisible. Ridiculous.


:eyes: What kind of sorcery makes my creatures look this way? Tell me now and be blessed for fuses for 3 patches…

YES! this is my exact problem

Glad it’s not just me then

Just fought a smilodon, wasnt able to pick any my dino’s moves because of the intense glitching and lagging. Atleast i won though, but only got 10 trophies​:sob::sob:. Also saw an elasmotherium yesterday, I was lucky to get 10 DNA from it. Really wished the devs fixed this already.

I got a new phone “better” phone a few weeks ago and it goes great. My old phone like others has a real problem with the graphics. Everything works great on my ipad 3.

I’m having a blast using all these new guys in battle. I went up from S.S.Arcadia to Nublar Jungle which wasn’t my plan but keep winning. I finally plateaued around 1550 trophy’s and getting to the 50/50 win/loss. The kitties are a lot of fun and very RNG creatures.


I don’t think it’s my phones graphics because everything else runs fine.

I sent an email to the address you gave with my phone model and support on the 11th. When will I hear back? Thanks.

It’s a shiny!

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I’m not really sure, @Winry_Alric, as our team has been receiving an influx of tickets. However, rest assured that our team is working as quickly as possible to get to everyone who needs help.