I want to see creatures in 2.14 Update

  1. Sarkastodon (Rarity: Common)
  2. Indricotherium (Rarity: Rare)
  3. Diprotodon (Rarity: Epic)
  4. Torvosaurus (Rarity: Epic)
  5. Homalocephale (Rarity: Rare)
  6. Dryosaurus (Rarity: Epic)
  7. Moa (Rarity: Common)
  8. Dreadnoughtus (Rarity: Rare)
  9. Atrociraptor (Rarity: Rare)
  10. Scorpios Rex Gen 4 (Rarity: Apex)
  11. Megalania (Rarity: Epic)
  12. Urtinotherium (Rarity: Epic)
  13. Moros (Rarity: Epic)
  14. Lystrosaurus (Rarity: Rare)
  15. Deinosuchus (Rarity: Epic)
  16. Mamenchisaurus (Rarity: Epic)
  17. Yutyrannus (Rarity: Common)
  18. Mastodon (Rarity: Epic)
  19. Gigantophis (Rarity: Rare)

Imo mastodon should be common so we can finally have a common mammoth model

Also hard no to scorp gen 4


And gigantophis for snakes.
And for the 83d time do not add scorp g4.


I want to see giant insects one day in Jurassic World Alive, such as Arthropleura


That would be cool

They said we get two fierce and one fan favorite so perhaps the spinoceratops hybid or alankyloceratops. For the other fierce maybe ceratosaurus or rexy. I don’t think dreadnoghtus, atrociraptor and Lystrosaurus will be untill dominion but it means we could get them in june

Yep. Arthropleura would be nice

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Actually indricotherium is an idle name the real name is Paraceratherium
But Ludia doesn’t really care about this like they put brontotherium issues of the valid name megacerops


Yep. Also they’re named it like that in jpb and jwtg

The brontotherium or the indricotherium

What About Giganotosaurus And Ceratosaurus It Is Important Dinosaurs


Yeah them too

I would like to see this in the future in JWA now that hybrids of superhybrids can be made.


Im ok with everything on that list EXCEPT scorpius rex gen4


It would look like an Alankylosaurus but with a head that is mix between it’s and Albertospinos, a long tail and Albertospinos’ sail.


Mahajangasuchus/ Epic ( muddy brown and black)

Pegomastax/Epic(white and black)

Postosuchus + Dakotaraptor= Dakotasuchus/ Legendary(feathered postosuchus)

Mahajangasuchus + Pegomastax= Legendary/ Mahajangstax

Grypolyth + Pyrritator=Apex/Maxitator(purrolyth rig, long face and has feathers)

Cobra Wyrm (this is what it looks like) Yes it it a dinosaur so please add it as the first fictional creature in the game. Rare
Albertovenator (Red with Blue Spots) Common
Saurolophus (colored like a Komodo Dragon) Epic
Aerotitan (It’ll be colored like a Stork) Rare
Ichthyovenator Epic
Talos sampsoni Rare
Moros (for Dominion) Rare
Thanos (the dinosaur Thanos not the other one) Epic
Ichtyotitan Icthyovenator + Aerotitan (An Aerotitan with an Ichtyovenator sail and face) Legndary
Alankylocobra Cobra Wyrm + Alankylosaurus (Alankylosaurus with the Cobra Wyrm’s head and hood) Unique
Llanocetus Rare
Llanonychus Llanocetus + Deinonychus (A Llanocetus with the head and tail of Deinonychus) Epic
Llanonykylocobra Llanonychus + Alankylocobra (Alankylocobra with the tail of Llanonychus and has webbed feet) Apex
Barycobra Baryonyx + Cobra Wyrm (A Cobra Wyrm with the head and arms of Baryonyx) Legendary
Tryostronitator Suchotator + Tryostronix (A Tryostronix with the head of Suchotator) Unique
Pterovexocobra Barycobra + Pterovexus (Pterovexus with no back legs and has the long snake-like body and hood of the Barycobra) Apex

The best one out of all these is the Scorpios Gen 4

I want more amphibians, and I mean real amphibians not amphibian hybrids

We have not gotten one since 1.11

And Prionosuchus but give it the crocodile animation

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