I want to see other creatures In this game

Extra Note: Its hybrid is coming up

I understand but let me say this did, you see any amphibians in Jurassic World and Jurassic Park series?
I think not

But I saw pterosauruses and aquatics.

In science even Dimetrodon (or Ophiacodon and Sphenacodon) is not considered as dinosaur. It was a synapsid, an ancestor of mammals, not close related to dinosaurs.

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Idea, Daspletosaurus


Other idea, level of Euthecodon


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The Dryosaur hybrid, Celersquamae meaning “fast scales”

Hybrid: Dryosaurus + Umoonasaurus

Above: Lvl 10
Below: Lvl 40

Lvl 10: HP 3077 ATK 908
Lvl 20: HP 5970 ATK 1370
Lvl 30: HP 6880 ATK 1703
Lvl 40: HP 7088 ATK 2377

Price: 45.500

Its a Reef hybrid, yay

The Glass Cannon amphib hybrid, Acanthocheirus

Hybrid: Deinocheirus + Acanthostega

Left is Lvl 10, Right is Lvl 40

Lvl 10: 1877 HP 1509 ATK
Lvl 20: 2678 HP 2345 ATK
Lvl 30: 3756 HP 3200 ATK
Lvl 40: 4974 HP 4483 ATK

Price: 51.760

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Concerning new carnivore dinosaurs, i really wanna see these two bad boys joining the game



Mapusaurus and Carcharodontosaurus?

A fan favourite, the Styracosaurus


That’s right

Here’s another new creature, Struthiomimus

Below Lvl 10
Above Lvl 40

Lvl 10: HP 534 ATK 502
Lvl 20: HP 1004 ATK 998
Lvl 30: HP 1576 ATK 1307
Lvl 40: HP 1986 ATK 1800

Price: 7.950

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Looks a bit like Dryosaurus but still cool drawing.
If anything to add to it would be possibly have the Struthiomimus always have feathers, level 10 through level 40, but this just an idea.

My first attempt. Not the best though.

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You know, the user your uploading from has uploaded more pictures.

I want to see Kung fu Panda and no were not talking about Po but the Ailurarctos which was added in JWA

Here are some things. ( by some, I mean a lot ). =)


Why not:

Diplotatar Gen 2 = diplocaulus Gen 2 + irritator Gen 2
Diplotator Gen 2 Stats:
+2546 or +3103
((( 470 or ((( 515

Diplosuchus Gen 2 = diplotator Gen 2 + sarcosuchus Gen 2 S-Dna
Diplosuchus Gen 2 Stats:
+4377 or +5234
(((2333 or (((3410

I don’t really understand why add a Gen 2 Diplosuchus, even if it gets better stats I would like to see something more interesting than that, like mixing Diplotator Gen 2 mixed with Helicoprion Super DNA, making Diploprion, a Diplotator with a saw mouth.
But I many would like to see a new design for the Diplotator, like having it taller, like Karposuchus, so it help show more of the Irritator, like in Ostaposaurus.

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Here is a set of Creatures that I suggested on DeviantArt!