I want to see other creatures In this game

True, totally agree with you! Ok, then , remake:

Diplotatar Gen 2 = diplocaulus Gen 2 + irritator Gen 2
Diplotator Gen 2 Stats:
+2646 or +3112
((( 670 or ((( 715

Sphenlotator = diplotator Gen 2 + sphenacodon S-Dna
Sphenlotator Stats:
+4377 or +5234
(((3333 or (((4410

Another idea could be:

Pachiacomimus = Ophiacomimus + Pachycepalo S-DNA


+2357 or +3200
((( 1200 or ((( 987 or ((( 1679

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Oh btw the stats are lvl 10, maybe 11

this is yours ??? Good drawing !!!

VIP Hybrids:
Prestosuchus + Sphenacodon = Prestocodon
Henodus + Archelon = Henorchelon (Archelon’s 2nd Hybrid)
Procoptodon + Arambourgiana = Procoptobourgiana
Gastornis + Kelenken = Gastolenken (BONUS!)
Acrocanthosaurus + Metoposaurus = Metopocanthosaurus
Mastadonsaurus + Eryops = Eryopsaurus
Orthacanthus + Tylosaurus = Tylocanthus
Tusoteuthis + Giant Orthocone = Tusorthocone
Tarbosaurus + Concavenator = Tarbovenator
Carbonemys + Deinosuchus = Deinonemys (BONUS! #2)
Eolambia + Pterodactyl = Eodactyl
Proceratosaurus + Pterodaustro = Proceratodaustro
Panochtus + Mylodon = Panochtodon
Wuerhosaurus + Sinoceratops = Wuerhoceratops
Thylacosmilus + Eucladoceros = Eucladosmilus
Hyaenodon + Marsupial Lion = Thylacodon
Apatosaurus + Stygimoloch = Apatomoloch
Brachiosaurus + Sonorasaurus = Sonorabrachio (BONUS! #3)
Baryonyx + Shunosaurus = Shunonyx
Hainosaurus + Suchodus = Hainodus
Plotosaurus + Rhomaleosaurus = Plotorhomaleous
Eudimorphodon + Plesiosuchus = Eudimosuchus
Tupandactylus + Tupuxuara = Tupanxuara (BONUS! #4)
Tsintaosaurus + Brontotherium = Tsintaotherium

Ludia actually add this we need amphibs

Good ideas, but unfair. To have VIP hybrids for members only is unfair. Because normal playing players, like me, won’t be able to get the hybrids, meaning in fights, if the computer has one, I couldn’t get it, making it unfair, and also making other players with them, go farther.
Of course I like the idea, but if their going to be Indoraptor powerful, then we definitely need tourney Super hybrids, quick because I think they’ll be as strong.

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Sinoceratops + Corythosaurus
Health: 9,520
Attack: 2,520
How to make the drawing: Just use Ceramagnus from JWA.


It’ll be nice if they added Utahsinoraptor in JWTG. One of my fav’s in Alive

Same here dude, and also some other new ones that I add in my discussion.

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Level 40 Design

Species: Deinostaposuchus
Requirements: Ostaposaurus + 2000 Deinosuchus S-DNA
Stats: 4159 Attack and 9969 Health

Fact 1: Deinostaposuchus means Terrible African Lizard
Fact 2: Deinostaposuchus has a bite that is 2 times stronger than Sarcosuchus meaning that it can easily crush the bones of Yudon, Pachygalosaurus, Indoraptor, Cerazinosaurus and Scorpios Rex.
Fact 3: This creature’s diet consists of raptors, allosaurids and other theropods.
Fact 4: The colorful colors are inherited from Ostaposaurus and Deinosuchus, it uses these colors as a distraction in battle similiar to Erliphosaurus.

Should Ludia add this creature?

  • Yes
  • No

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Update: Why did someone vote no as we need Amphibians.
@Keith, @Ostapotronyx, @OstaposaurusBae and @Jahq what do you all think about this S-Hybrid for Ostaposaurus?

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I had to vote no because, I would like another Legendary Super Hybrid that’s an amphibian but not another crocodilian. I would love to see Ostaposaurus mixed with something amazing that would be it’s own animation, like Indoraptor.

For example, I was thinking about mixing Ostaposaurus with Giganotosaurus Super DNA, making Gigaposaurus, which is still an amphibian but on two legs. But this was just an idea.

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The thing is that I really like the crocodile animation.

And I’m fine with that but I think it would be awesome if they give the Ostaposaurus Super Hybrid something special for it’s animation.
Like they did with the Indoraptor.

But LUDIA might not even give the Ostaposaurus a Super Hybrid.

I am trying to make it to where it is the kaprosuchus health but the postosuchus attack

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The stats are actually perfect for its components. It’s an excellent design but I agree that a unique animation would be better.


If i could choose i would like to see two creatures definetly in this game : Daspletosaurus & the Daeodon as legendary creature from the older Jurassic park builder

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very big list.happy to see in game

can you tell me the website you used to make the imige???

We need more Cenozoic turtles aside from Carbonemys such as:
Meiolania ( It has a chance seeing it was in JPB)
Ninjemys (Aka the real life ninja turtle)

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I would love to see them