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I want to thank Ludia about something (for real)


So many complaints lately, so I just want to make a compliment for a change: Thanks for the coins! Of course it’s still a problem for us and probably it always will be, but at least I can see you’re trying to make things better on this issue… I’m writing this because I found myself obtaining more than 30k today… For a day with no Epic Strike Event, that’s a lot.

Please, keep them coming! I hope you guys do more stuff like those end of the year gifts.


I’ll also feel thankful for the latest 20 min normal scent I used.

Because it generated 3 epics (Conca, Brachio and Erliko) for me.:smile:

But that doesn’t matter with all those bugs and sneaky nerf info.:thinking:

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Yeah well, as I said, many complaints being made about those already, so it’s nice to point out the good things sometimes x]

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I’d like to thank ludia for changing “out of bounds”. It’s been a while since a Dino got away from me.

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