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I want to use new creatures!

I’m absolutely sick and tired of PVP and almost the entire game itself.

Why in the world must the playerbase be subjected to not only the glaring matchmaking issue, which is horrendous in itself, but also be shackled to selected creatures for months and months on end?

With boost penalties and lack of more frequent boost shuffles, no only do patches bring forth creature changes which prompt team adjustments, but new creatures are introduced that never get a chance to be experimented with, reducing the arena to an increasingly shallow and monotonous experience. The game has become a haven only for collectors and the “golden few” at the top of the rankings.

Personally, my current biggest issue is the introduction of Apex’s which for the most part are so inherently useful and enter at such a high level, they could easily be swapped into a team for most of the playerbase regardless of boosts, unlike most other new additions.

A huge example is Ceramagnus, who not only is the best creature in the game, but also also a swapper, which has shifted my team’s effectiveness considerably.

For instance, I’ve been waiting to remove Tryostronix from my team for some time now, but the appearance of Ceramagnus has made it even more of a liability in this meta, as there is an increased percentage for multiple swappers in a draw, as well as Magnus being able to swap in and priority attack combo while Tryo “charges up”.

I just want to try out new things and not be penalized for it with my hard earned boosts and, more importantly, have FUN again.


Theme teams, try that. Sure, u might drop to, I don’t know, the lockwood estate, but it’ll provide some entertainment

All I want is to play my “dream team”. I worked way too hard on the majority of my creatures that I’m satisfied with, and now I want to add my new favorites with boost configurations to my liking. I shouldn’t have to wait a year to play what I’ve earned. Dropping and succumbing to the poor system is not a solution to what I’ve addressed.

Then Sandbox will be nice here. Or a separate arena, called the dream team arena

Or how about someone explain the benifits of not being able to move boosts around at will?

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I’ll get to that in a bit

Gamepress JWA writer agrees with my sentiments about Apex creatures. That’s all the reinforcement I could hope for.

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The problem with Ceramagnus is that the speed is increased. Regardless of whether the opponent is faster, and that makes him strong against any opponent, he believed that if he did not have that movement it would not be so good, and in terms of the repetition of creatures in the teams is because Ludia has made the same creatures that are constantly seen in teams to be the best, that’s why there is no variety, there being 245 creatures in the game, and of those only 10 or 15 creatures are usable, the rest are garbage.

Not to mention it’s 20% crit that it has 2 chances to land on you, potentially before you even get to hit it back.

They need to give us a boost shuffle and make it permanent. I dont want to be stuck using the same 8 dinos day after day taking a week just to boost 1 teir