I was just stunned 9 times in a row, AMA


I was just stunned 9 times in a row, AMA.


Congrats! 202020202020


thanks! feeling kinda like a celebrity right now. please just kill me.


What’s your drink? :beer:


right now, Cicuta


Time to buy lottery…


I don’t mind the stuns or RNG, but I think they need to look closer at the rates. They said they will with next update, so here’s to more balanced RNG.


I think a good solution is to cap the number of stuns in a row. Maybe a stun should have a cooldown of 1?


Well, if it’s 10% it should be 1/10 hits to stun. I don’t know how to fix it, I just want the stats to be accurate.


It’s not 1/10… that’s not how probability works. Each stunning move has its own 1/10 chance at 10%.


If you’re going to pull out the probability lesson I’m grabbing :popcorn:


To be honest I don’t actually care :joy:


Heather is right. A 1/10 chance is like you have a big cylinder full of 10 balls and one is red the other 9 are green. You have a 1/10 change of getting it after you spin the cylinder. Thing is, next time you play, you put all the balls back in. You still have 1/10 chance.

I saved heather from having to teach a lesson this time :joy::joy::ok_hand:t3:


can I marry you … actually that would involve living in Scotland … pen pals?