I was reading the description of the Titanoboa Gen 2 and

… Wouldn’t a Gen 3 be interesting?


I can’t read German but that is crazy!!!
I already made G3 concepts.

Nah I prefer a new snake like Gigantophis or Madtsoia (forgive me if I wrote this wrong)


I also thought of Gigantopis!!!

I can’t read German, so I’ll just focus on the fact that in English, the underlined part is literally telling a Gen 3 Titanaboa to die. Makes me curious as to what it actually says, though.


This enormous Gen 2 lacks the pigments, which makes camouflage almost impossible. But just because you see this snake doesn’t mean you can escape it. The Titanoboa Gen 3 has an incredibly flee column with which it swims faster than most of its underwater prey.

Courtesy of Google Translate, I think the Gen 3 part might just be a typo

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It very likely must be a typo, that’s for sure. It’s still funny, though!