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I wasn't allowed in Arena for 20min in the new season, borked my regular quests

First of all, I got no idea why the Arena needed these 20min of waiting period, but then, after having clicked on the Arena, it messed with my regular energy and grayed the start battle Area. It has been about 2hours, done a lot of restarts, nothing fixes it. Help please, this is a waste of my energy.

Hey Featherwing, could you please reach out to our support team here at with your support key so our team can assist you further with this?

Earlier… Since the first time Arena came to be, Arena energy gets mixed with regular sometimes, and red appears in quests (though we’ve stopped being led to Arena battles during regular or Alpha). Then Alpha energy started appearing instead of regular too. Like, whether I open Arena or clan events will determine which other energy will appear on the front of my daily quests.

(I went back in game to take new proof of the issue, here:


What happened today was… An expansion to the Arena unavailability, only infinitely.

Yes, of course. I just… I hope it doesn’t take days to fix this.

The greyed out start battle button in that superior scuffle is normal though (since you haven’t met the requirements yet, it normally only becomes green again when you choose at least 4 dragons to use in the fight you’ve shown)

Or does it stay greyed out even after choosing a team?

Uh, now I have already sent the report… Did I leave my brain somewhere?

Got a case of bug dysphoria. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, so I can play, less problems than expected, still curious about the grayed Arena for 20 min, wrong energy appearing at the wrong place, and other matters. So it’s not a complete gonner, but… I shouldn’t have rushed the report. I’m not that rational when in panic mode. And I’d rather others don’t see that. Heh.

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Hey, it happens :wink: there’s enough at this point you’re kind of just left going ‘Okay…another one to…report.’

I’ve had the Alpha/Arena energy appear a few times, but it usually corrects itself when I press ‘Start’ and get brought into the dragon selection page. Is that not working for you? If that’s the case, perhaps a restart of the game would kick it back into working order? If either don’t work that is certainly concerning, and would warrant a bug report.

I mean, it already does, but the latter would be a more urgent matter to be certain. (and I think they might already know about the sticking energy problem? I’m not sure. We’d have to get word on that.)

Uh, yeah, I have been putting up with that problem only because it wouldn’t cause me to get into Arena battle while doing regular or Alpha. But it’s been 2 fix-it updates ago, and the issue still is.

Then today I panicked with that grey Arena, and conveniently forgot I needed to select dragons.

Report’s already sent but… Not my best one certainly.

And I need to send another 2, 1 for Alpha stuff and 1 for “other”. It’s discouraging the game is being so bugged.

Man, I hear you there. I, thankfully, haven’t had the misfortune of being terribly plagued by game breaking bugs, but I do get ones that set my progress back. I’ve lost eggs, the game has a sudden burst of lag then decides during this time I must have chosen to purchase something with runes (without confirmation), the Arena glitch where it just sits there once you’ve won and you lose your winning streak, things like that. And it’s at the point for me where I just…don’t bother sending in tickets.

It’s a personal choice due to not finding it personally worth it when I know it will take days for a response, the losses I have are minimal, and knowing they have enough tickets as is, but that’s not…really a position you should find your player base in (not that I account for everyone).

These bugs are so rampant, there’s new ones piling on old with every new update, and they’re lasting ridiculously long amounts of time. The burden is kind of being shouldered entirely by the support team and the players. Support is only here to make up for any losses that come from these glitches and bugs, or help with small things that don’t really have to do with programming. And the players are the ones that have to deal with a game that’s supposed to be fun but has all these pot holes in the road that it’s just more disenchanting than anything else.

Neither side should be dealing with these things to such an extent. I’d say I hope it gets fixed soon, and the development team (or those above making these decisions) realize this isn’t strategically viable, but with how long this has been going on I don’t exactly have high hopes.


Yeah, bugs are so many I wouldn’t bother sending in tickets for everyone. I collect and then forget. Now I have to get some stuffing together, as the collection of bugs has grown to quite the list.

And I’m more inclined to name the bugs than report them. :stuck_out_tongue:

And, uhh, I have also lost members due to the bug overflow, with recruitments have become tough for sorta everyone as well. Players have been quitting or going semiactive/inactive more regularly. The bug management is nothing but discouraging.

Devs need to get a hand of the bugs and some other stuff that make gameplay broken.