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I wasn't done talking about BoOoOoOoOsTs

Another boost topic, yay. I will begin this by saying, boosts as they currently are, need improvement. Yes, they are “bad” but let’s move past that and figure out how to improve them because like it or not, they are now an integral part of this game.

As I briefly stated in a previous thread right before it was derailed, I think that the addition of Armor Boosts could actually be a positive addition to the boost system. I’ll reorganize and further elaborate my thoughts here.

Before we should simply ‘add armor boosts’, I think that the class system needs further diversification. As of now, Armor is a Resilient class trait. Therefore, if we just add armor boosts, we would only be bolstering an already overly favored class. As such, I propose that two new stats are added, one for each of the other two remaining classes. I would personally call them Nimbleness and Intimidation for Cunning and Fierce classes, respectively. To explain concisely, they would function just as Armor functions now with only their class that they are “weak to” being able to bypass the stat and do full damage. Such that, Resilient attacks would be able to bypass a creature’s Nimbleness stat and Cunning attacks would be able to bypass a creature’s Intimidation stat. This would add a “Class Effectiveness” to the game which would greatly benefit the current class system.

After these two new stats are added, the standard “Armor Boosts” should be split into three different stat boosts: Armor, Nimbleness and Intimidation. As for the amount of points gained per boost, I would suggest 1 point per boost allocated.

With three new stat boosts added, this would double the current types of stat boosts. If we were to retain the same cap on boosts that can be applied to a creature, this encourages a much more diverse boosting environment, enabling more unique builds. Adding any type of the “damage mitigation” boosts would come at the expense of another, already existing stat boost (Speed, Attack, Health).

I would now like to briefly touch on Crit Chance boosts. I am a little leery on these as I feel that the critical chance system is already precariously balanced. However, I would be open to the idea of them so long as their increases were set low (1 point per boost) and that they were added in conjunction with the three other damage mitigation boosts that I proposed above. I think that diluting the boost pool (as well as changing Speed boost gains but I won’t go into that here) is the best way to improve boosts.

Please do not just respond to this saying that boosts are bad. Let’s try to improve them together. Thank you for reading!

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This is an interesting idea. I don’t know if I like it, but it would add more options for people (though would they need to use the same 30 point system or should the boost limit raise to 40?) and it isn’t specified about how much each would increase (is it a point system? If so, like 1% per each boost). Again I’m interested, but we do need a little more details in it, but this isn’t a bad choice. However, I would also think that it speed boosts got a nerf (like from 2 points to 1) would also help out with boosts.

I think he means keeping it at 30. It would obviously require a reset.

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I apologize that I did not make it clear that I was speaking under the current boost system in mind. I would think that the current system would remain in place (Boost limit = Creature level); the limit does not need to be raised.

Something that I neglected to mention is that these proposed new stats (Nimbleness and Intimidation) would also naturally be on creatures, just as Armor currently is. By this I mean that the stat will vary from species to species and will also depend on their Class, with some having 0 Intimidation and others having very high Intimidation (think turtles and their armor rating). I like the idea that the large carnivorous therapods could have some of the highest Intimidation stats in the game (specifically our beloved Tyrannosaurus rex). Of course, this would apply the same to the Nimbleness stat and Cunning creatures. The interaction between dodge and Nimbleness would be very interesting, similar to Shields and Armor. Hybrids that are multiclass could possibly have two damage mitigation ratings (or possibly all three if they’re Wildcards). This would require careful balancing because these creatures would be much more difficult to deal damage to using only single class creatures, especially if these stats were just thrown on. This is among the main reasons that I think keeping the current stat boost limitations in place is important too. We wouldn’t want something to have +20 Armor and +20 Intimidation just thrown on to what they already have. A Pure Resilient creature would have a difficult time defeating that, even if we’re talking about a Cunning creature. But again, If you’re maxing out your damage mitigation stat boosts, it comes as a sacrifice to your health, attack or speed stat boosts.

The point of adding more variety of boosts is to give players more customization. Do you max out your Cunning’s Speed and pour the rest into Attack or do you focus on Nimbleness? With your Wildcard, do you put 10 boosts into each damage mitigation stat or do you specialize in only one? With your chomper, do you put 20 Intimidation boosts, a few into Speed and the rest into Attack? These would be just a few examples, players could get so much more creative.

By this, I was specifically referring to the “damage mitigation” boosts. I.e. if you allocated 7 Intimidation Boosts to a creature, +7 would be added to their base Intimidation stat. I think that this system could get out of hand quickly, which is why I suggest only +1 per one boost added. This would still allow for a maximum of +20 to be added on to the creatures stats.

I agree with this too. I don’t think that Speed Boosts should remain as they are.

Yes, agreed.

I appreciate y’all’s feedback! Let me know if there is anything else that I need to clarify.

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What if instead of Armor for all creatures Armor got replaced with Nimbleness and Intimidation. Now for some hybrids this would mean having dual stats (but there is enough space for 6 stats) like Armor and Intimidation (Tryko), Armor and Nimbleness (Smilonemys) or Nimbleness and Intimidation ( Alloraptor). Basically one or 2 per class. Wildcards would be difficult, but some like Carnotarkus and Mono could keep the Armor stat and add nothing else, Tany Nimbleness, and whatever else is needed.

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Yes, that’s exactly what I’m thinking! I totally agree that multiclass creatures could have multiple damage mitigation stats. Let’s use your Alloraptor example. Like you said, it could have both a Nimbleness rating as well as an Intimidation rating. I personally would give it a higher Intimidation rating than Cunning rating. A high Intimidation rating would bolster its defenses against Resilient creatures, which it is meant to counter, meaning it could survive a little bit better against those opponents. Just a little Nimbleness would be nice but it doesn’t need too much. As you mentioned, Wildcards would be more difficult but I think that it would be fine to give some of them only one (or two) damage mitigation stats. Wildcards do not necessarily have to be at the “center” of the class “triangle”. They can skew more one way or another. If they were to have a rating in all three stats, it would just have to be a lower rating across the board and/or have some compensation in health, attack or speed.

Alloraptor has me thinking about swap-ins now. So imagine if Swap-in attacks were brought into line with this system, specifically Swap-In Stunning Strike. As of now it pierces Armor, but it’s an ability found on only Resilient creatures (the exceptions currently being the Wildcards, Monolorhino and Nasutoceratops). If the change was made to where it pierced Nimbleness instead of Armor, the ability would become more in line with what it should be countering. I feel like there could be different swap-in abilities that could bypass the different damage mitigation stats. Like it or not, the swap-in meta is the direction this game is heading. Forcing the mechanic to be more in-line with the class system will at least make it a little more counter-able in that it will not be an excellent option for EVERY situation.

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Swap ins would be interesting. And it somewhat makes sense, as a swap in would technically be an ambush, and while Nimbleness only works when you are aware an opponent will attack, Intimidation would mainly stop attacks just because an opponent doesn’t want to engage in a fight, causing the attacks to do less damage (potentially) in an ambush.