I went by boosted for 45 days and this is what happened

Just a small update finally after being unboosted for so long I have returned

Lol sos far it’s been thanks to this guy

Lol usually gives two kills before it dies

Any way ya 45 days yay :partying_face: it’s been frustrating at time especially with matchmaking and rng, but so far I’ve gone an ok job I believe at keeping up but anyway this just my team right now
How about you guys, what arena are you at, what’s you high score, and what you current team


This is the team that has got me the most wins (all unboosted of course). I managed to get a highscore of 5065 last season. Magna was on there too, but I replaced it with Indoraptor because of all the crazy Thors.

My current highscore is 5041. I did try playing around a bit, replacing Indoraptor and Phorusaura with Ardontosaurus and Indominus G2, but those two don’t have any Swap-utility unfortunately.

Anyway, since I got back into Library, I’m trying out a different team to see what happens


Current score 5717.
This is the team that got me to 6597.
What about that Thor?
I was originally going to replace it with Orion, but the higher I went the more I realized it’s more of a minor upgrade and probably not worth the boost dump. I have instead decided to replace it with a L26 Gemini and the boosts on hand to bring it to 2/7/4 immediately out of the gate, but before I pulled the trigger Memento Mori gave me some pretty sound advice. It’s still early in the season and I don’t really need it yet, so may as well wait for patch notes to avoid potentially boosting a nerfed dino.
Thor can at the least serve well until Nublar Shores.

Well that’s my plan anyway.
Everyone’s going hard this season. Even the slackers like me so I really don’t know what to expect. Kinda excited to see how I truly place when I apply myself, but dreading the 2 min timer.


Still completely UnBoosted. This was my score today but I have since dropped down 500 trophies to wait out the new season carnage.


Hahah ya it’s just peachy now
image image image image
One shotted me with Cautious

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So I wish you luck

Ummm, they get worse


Lol of course they do :sob:

I don’t recall which arena my team was in, the day I had quit I tanked my rating down to 2200 to give players easy wins lol

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My predominantly immune team with the exception of Thor. Yes my Thor, Erlidom, Maxima, and Indo Gen 2 are the only ones boosted

Been a permanent resident in Aviary. I doubt I will ever advance to other arenas.

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Hey I just clawed back up again and I’m Unboosted I bet you’re gonna get out too in your own time

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The highest I have gotten is 4900 trophies with my team

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