I went unboosted for 15 days and this is what happened

So as of now I’ve gone two weeks and one day with boosts. Making this decision was hard since I had so little boost to begin with my highest being tier 4 health, speed and attack. But I was tired of facing op boosted creatures so I decided to take a break form boost an try to play how it was meant to play. Lvl up, grinding adding new creatures etc.

Now that time has passed I can say I’ve had a better time playing unboosted and not trying to catch up to the whalers as I every did grinding boost every day. It just brings more peace and joy to me when my lvl 22 rinex can easily beat a boosted Thor with toe hit or swap in thyla on a rampage. And gene I lose Ik sometimes it not fault that one mistake I made messed up the match but sometimes it’s more i just can’t keep up with 126 speed Thor or allosinosaurs but I accept and move on while sure my trophy count has dropped as with boost I was able to get to 5028 but now I’m stuck at 4,740-90. Yet I don’t feel bad just some time :rage: off with the matchmaking but know now it’s better to play smarter not boosted

Current team:

So hbu

  • I’m boosted
  • Nonboosted
  • I’m a whale :whale2:
  • Considering going nonboosted
  • Considering boosting

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I would never go unboosted because the only reason I play in the arena is to get incubators. If boosts help me get incubators with less battles than unboosted then so be it. Less pain is more happiness.


Been nonboosted since Boosts 2.0 rolled out. Was highly confused why the cost was so high at 100 per tier, but they only gave us a 1.5x multiplier on the boosts we currently had. I’ve dropped about 200 trophies from my highest spot, but I win about 40-45% of the battles that I play against people who are boosted. I honestly enjoy the game more unboosted than I did while boosted in Boosts 1.0.


Only part of my team is boosted (the ones I can’t get to team lvl quickly enough) other part isn’t. I’m quite stable between Aviary & library where I prefer Aviary because team strength is still calculated in the matchmaking

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It feels even better when you give up the forum for at least 15 days.

Give it a try.


Nah I love it here :joy:

I’m boosted, but only because I have to be in order to stay in my spot in the arena


Lol how far up are ya

I’m at low aviary

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Really what’s your team then cause I’m in mid-aviary and it seems pretty calm except for the few whales that breach every once and a while

I am 100% Unboosted and my screen name is “UnBoosted”

Current high score reached today is 5,429

Just had a player barely beat me with FULLY boosted Indo and Thor and then sent me the “Look at me smiley” emoji/icon/whatever thing. I just laughed knowing he immediately saw he beat “UnBoosted” team so…big deal, like beating up a kid.


I’m mid-upper Aviary, peak was 5035 still unboosted.

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Honestly tho you feel more like gratifying when you win against boosted teams

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GPx, that makes no sense. I have no trouble getting incubators because I’m at a level where I win 50/50, just like the level I would have been had I boosted.


Although I lose a bit more often cause we’ll just look at my team

my team


Well my dinos have hardly any boosts to begin with. I don’t spend money on this game, so I’m at a disadvantage. Most my dinos have 1 boost each. Nothing much. But my Tragodistis has the lowest amount of boosts. 2 Health. Nothing else. Daryx is low too. 1 Health, nothing else. I’m considering unboosting everything andmputting them on monomimus lol. It would be funny. Either I stay as I am, or I go nearly unboosted.


Eh I don’t know about vexus seems very situational

Does the job better than diloracheirus

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Lol that’s true saldly

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