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I will bring your JWA Drawings to LIFE!

You’ve probably seen my Sticknode recreations of JWA creatures on the JWA Artwork Thread, well I am making my own thread where you can post Drawings of JWA creatures, Concepts, or just your Creature art in general (side view drawings would be great), and I will bring them to LIFE with Animation!
(if you aren’t able to draw well, then you can just post suggestions :wink:)

you can also provide details on what you want the figure to do if you want an animation of it!

(tbh, I am just pretty low on inspiration at the moment so that’s why I made this thread. :sweat_smile:)

I am excited to bring your creations and ideas to life for you! :grin:

Here is a little taste of what I have previously made:
Diplocaulus _0000


Nice art! Can I have a Ceratosaurus + Chasmosaurus hybrid? Cerato body, Chasmo frill, cerato and chasmo horns. Coloring doesn’t matter

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I’ll see what I can do! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Once you do his, I have a few ideas of my own


I think I’d name it Ceratotrikus


Mind if I make that? Stats not animation

Surely! Just make it whatever rarity u want, and armor is needed

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can u possibly make a drawing or illustration of any of my hybrid designs? U can literally choose any hybrid I’ve drawn on my thread(I'll Draw Your Hybrid Creature Ideas), just curious to see, I’m sure it will be great

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If u want, u can create Cerato and Chasmo as well

Can I have a spino and ankylo hybrid?

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I will definitely do my best @Snake_Dude ! :+1:

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Sure, haven’t done a Pterosaur figure yet, should be interesting!

thank you! take as much time as u need!


Ok. Will do. Sorry bout the late reply. Was eating.

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It’s a normal ankylosaur not the hybrid pterosaur by the way


Oh, I thought you wanted Spinosaurus + Alankylosaurus. Lol

No problem

Almost done.

Take ur time, I can wait