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I will bring your JWA Drawings to LIFE!


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Saurophaganax and Chungkingosaurus hybrid :thinking:

I don’t see why not @Chung1580 ! :grin:


Angry snake man

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Have you done my Spynokylosaurus?

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And don’t worry about being too slow I’m totally fine.

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I will work on it today!

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Alright… I’ve been growing hyper about it since my main artist @Snake_Dude, (shoutout to him) Has too much business and couldn’t do Spynokylosaurus.

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Just an Irritator Gen 1 with a ridge on the head (bioluminescent) with drops of water around it (if possible).

Could you try and make this boi in Sticknodes? You don’t have to lol


Could you make this?

Camptosaurus + amargasaurus

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When ur done, can u make me a Titanoboa+ Tryostronix if possible? It’ll be called Titanostronyx

I think he/She is working on Spynokylosaurus.

I finished Spinokylosaurus (I got too into detailing the Spinosaurus part and ran low on space for the Ankylosaurus parts, but you get the idea. :sweat_smile:)

(the tail you can imagine would look a lot larger with a top view)


Thanks so much! Sorry for the delay, Ludia Suspeneded me. (Does it have a GIF?)

I didn’t make a Gif, but I can in a bit

Do you have to redraw it? I mean like if you can still use the model for the gif Pr you have to rebuild it))

I don’t have to redraw the model, I just select the figure and animate it. :upside_down_face:

(I will remake it later because I know I can do better on the design)

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Ok, that’s good, Because I thought I had to make a fellow Forum Person Show a Thing that they took hours on, then tell them to make it again.

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Don’t do it all over again! Just add more to the Original One.