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I will buff the creature u want and if u want as well custom hybrids..... and as well some nerfs to op creatures

An unbalanced game

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indotaur is already here

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ok but that a buff for dimy

BTW this will be closed for a week cuz a going o take break so i will be back the next sunday

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What about Stygidaryx

I wouldn’t want that thing in the game because it would be like the old indo gen2 meta which was all about a single broken creature that dominated the whole game.

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Nice, Good job

Exactly. Fun fact, that Indoraptor rework can oneshot a Mammolania on turn 1 if indo gets a crit. The thing is so broken it makes pre-nerf hadros and testa look like a joke.

If you can, try nerfing my Microraptor? I tested it against a level 30 Thorador, Ardentis and Andrewtops and it won the fight sooooo

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I’m not the creator of this topic, but I have 428 custom creatures currently and have been making ingame-balanced creatures for over half a year now, so I can give some good advice if needed.

First of all, the stats. These stats are extremely overpowered, specifically the attack and health. Compare the stats of this creature to Compsognathus and you’ll see what I mean. Health should be lowered to around 3000-3300, and attack should be lowered to around 1100-1300. The speed and critical hit chance seem fine, but raising the speed to 127-128 would be nice.

Next, the moves. The biggest problem with the moveset is that the creature has no basic move, which every creature needs. A basic move is any attack with 0 delay, 0 cooldown, and is the first move in the creature’s list of attacks. Secondly, flocks currently do not use normal Heal and instead use rally heal, so Minor Heal On Escape and Adrenaline Pulse need to be replaced or removed. Finally, change the flock amount to 3 instead of 4, so the creature is as overpowered and is more similar to Compsognathus.

Finally, the resistances. The resistances seem fine, but their percentages should be changed. Critical Hit Reduction should be changed to 100%, Rend should be changed to 33%, Damage Over Time resistance should be changed to 25%, and Reduced Damage resistance should be changed to 66%.

I put flock to 4 because Microraptor is smaller than the Compies. I’m not changing it, and i’m most likely gonna remove it.

That logic doesn’t work considering Coelurosauravus is almost half the size of Microraptor, yet has 3 flock members.

That, i did not know.

Guys i am back sorry if I wasn’t here, I was on a vacation break so tell me what u want and i will buff or nerf

could you buff tryko please?



I like this rework but give it Defense Shattering Rampage because it’s already immune and we need another creature with Defense Shattering Rampage because of that achievement

can you nerf dimys


Can you buff Meglosuchus