I will draw your creature requests in photocut

Hey all! As it says in the title, I will be drawing your creature requests.
If a creature would be requested this is the template:
(Insert creature name here).
Evo 1: (Insert Stats, Fact And Details)
Evo 2: (Insert Stats, Fact And Details)
Evo 3: (Insert Stats, Fact And Details)
Evo 4: (Insert Stats, Fact And Details).
Note that the creature requested is a hybrid or a super hybrid, add the ingredients required to make it next to the creatures name. Also ludia, if you’re seeing these, please do everything in your power to add them to the game. Anyways, get requesting people!
Also, no requests involving spinosaurus.

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@Mr_Nobody_cares Would You Be My First Request?

Sure!! Let me think a cool idea wait haha


Ok, I’ll try my best with my poor english

Ready, how about Brachiosaurus with Spinosaurus Gen 2, it would be an herbivore, with a huge size, huge back sail, bigger head and teeth, and some spikes in the tail to attack.

The Brachiospinos
Att 1150
Def 3500
The brachiospinos is the new hybrid that with now harder skin, it will help him to defend even from indoraptor claws.

Att 1976
Def 6000
It’s huge size helps him to be really solid creature with an amazing 50 tons of weight.

Att 2759
Def 7500
Don’t be fooled, his huge spikes at his tail that measure 2 meters each will destroy any big predator that tries to kill him

Ev 4
Att 3959
Def 11000
At his final evolution, this herbivore has now larger teeth which can be used also against attacking pterosaurs dinos and catch them while flying.

I hope it’s a cool idea for you haha feel free to do any change you want :grinning::grinning:

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Sorry, i cannot find a good spinosaurus image. I will try again later.

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Spinosaurus Gen 2 already has a hybrid called chromaspinus.

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Ok ok I’ll think in another one :thinking:

OK, here I go. ACANTHOSTEGA + AMARGASAURUS, it would be an amphibian with the Acanthostega body rig, with two rows of large spines in the back , it keeps the sailed tail, color is at the discretion of the artist


Ev1 LVL 10
Att : 748
HP: 1885
The Amargastega was designed to be an amphibian with a tough skin strong enough to protect him from his enemies

Ev2 LVL 20
Att : 1274
HP: 3216
Although he is slow on land, his strong tail allows him to be a formidable swimmer

Ev3 LVL 30
Att : 1950
HP : 4905
When the Amargastega feels in danger he will shake his dorsal spines as a warning signal

Ev4 LVL 40
Att : 2755
HP : 6952
The bite of this hybrid can reach the 6000 PSI, almost the double the strength of the saltwater crocodile

I hope you like it, thanks in advance

Triceratosaurus Rex (Made of Tyrannosaurus Rex Gen 3, which is Green, and Triceratops Gen 3, which is Purple).

Evo 1:
Stats- Health: 3092 Attack: 1712
Facts- The Triceratosaurus Rex had two main attacks, either bite down on to it’s prey or attack with it’s horns.
Details- It’ll be a Tyrannosaurus Rex with Triceratops horns and frill. It’ll also be green.

Evo 2 :
Stats- Health: 5935 Attack: 2598
Facts- With the mixture of Triceratops, the Triceratosaurus Rex doesn’t hunt Triceratops.
Details- It’ll still be green but with stripes of purple, along with the frill.

Evo 3:
Stats- Health: 7345 Attack: 3354
Facts- The Triceratosaurus Rex would buttheads with other Triceratosaurus Rexes for a mate, even though they are all females.
Details- The purple stripes would show more and the nose horn would have a tint of purple.

Evo 4:
Stats- Health: 8683 Attack: 4182
Facts: Whenever a Triceratosaurus Rex accidentally catch a small animal on it’s horns, other Triceratosaurus Rexes would help by eating the corpse off it’s horns.
Details- The frill would have spikes, got bigger, and surrounds the head of the Triceratosaurus Rex, like a dilophosaurus. The horns would be longer and look more like the Triceratops finally form. The nose horn and frill would be fully purple.

I don’t know if you’ll find a purple Triceratops so you could find any colored one you can find.

Nemesisboa = Gigantophis + Carbonemys

This Is Turtle Snake Is This Covered With Armor Also It Is Boa Animation Turtle Face With Snake Tongue And Gigantophis Back Skin Cover With Carbo Amror And Side Face Skin Of Gigantophis


Lvl 10 : Health 3209 Attack 867

Lvl 20 : Health 5769 Attack 1754

Lvl 30 : Health 8345 Attack 2475

Lvl 40 : Health 11478 Attack 3119

Lvl 40 Looks More Spikes In Armored Back And Spike In Side Face Skin And Tail Are Demon Tail.

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UPDATE TO EVERYONE: I Have Lost Motivation On This Thread. This Thread Will Go Extinct Right Now!

Closed at OP’s request