I will draw your hybrids, but im not as good of a drawer a snake dude, but ill try

Hello everyone, i will draw your hybrids, just post the mix of the dinos. It can be up to 5 dinos in 1 hybrid. :blush::blush::grin::grin:


How about acrocanthops + thordorlosaur? Its my newest made apex and I would love to see it as a drawing, just a quick note it is gorgonops model

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Ok, i will do that. Ill try to make it the best I can.


Here it is!!!


Can you do thor + tryko? Please

Sure, ill do that

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Here he is!!!


That looks amazing

I made it in jwa tool ox too

It didnt let me use tryko or thor so trex and allosino will be thor and tryko

Thats cool

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You can just make it an Apex so you’ll be able to use them both.

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