I will draw your jurassic world the game hybrid ideas

I will be drawing ideas


bumpy with kentro

Can i request non hybrids too?

Ooooooo, another snake dude thread! Ostapo and trike dna please :slight_smile:


Indoraptor with trike gen 2

You may request non hybrids.

Also, if you know him, I do not draw as good as snake dude. So if your request comes out a bit worse than you would have liked it, I am sorry :frowning:

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I will start with the Bumpy and kentrosaurus hybrid. Which I will name Bumpysaurus because I could not think of any other name XD

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yay thanks so much

You will have to wait untill I finish the other requests.

Okay, I can wait

Also, just so you guys know, I will not be making level 10, 20, or 30. I will just be making level 40s. I hope you understand

Sphenacognatus, sphenacodon with membranes and head of scaphognatus

Just so you get a good idea of how your request might look, here is a drawing of the Godzilla singular point Rodan that I did.


Spinosaurus body, Parasaurolphus head crest, Kentrosaurus spikes, basically a combination of my 3 favorite dinosaurs.

Apparently my request is ichthyovenator as a rare and then add corythosaurus to make the corythovenator, a crested Spinosaur.

Quick question. Why was this flagged?

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It was originally in Snake’s thread, even with the title saying “Requests are now closed.”


Oh that makes sense

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I am finished two requests. I will post them later today :slight_smile: