I will lose but make it take forever

You drop a dino on me 5 levels above what i have at 3500 trophies and every single time i will wait until 2 seconds left before i make a choice , for every move, and i will make a point to drag out the battle as long as possible
. . . . Every single time


Real mature - its not like its the other players fault that the matchmaking is so poor …


Like people have a choice in who there matched up against… like @PQC said its match making system thats at fault here not other players.

But go ahead and waste your time… taking revenge on just another person tring to fill incubators.


Besides what @PQC and @Evicton said, basically OP is just a sore loser :thinking::rofl:

I feel bad for him in real life situations… must have a seriously hard time when “life” says no or has him in disadvantage :man_facepalming::joy:


The frustration, I understand. It wasn’t easy for me to send out my lvl27 Sarcorixis on a lvl21 anything and not say,

“Oof, I’m sorry, it’s either her or my Suchotator…”

Nowadays, it doesn’t matter what level my creatures are, the boosts changed everything. That lvl some-teen creature can now destroy my team.

Bigger oof.


Very true LadyH; I matched against a team with one high level boosted creature which had me down 0-1 and the rest were low boosted L21/22s - I only had L28s left and winced each time as I put them on one after another to make it 3-1 - wanted to say “sorry” each time … hate the game not the players.


Geesh, at least you care, Sir Paul! :heart_eyes:

@Mike_A, I’m glad you came to the Forums about this. At least, we can see more points of view this way. And maybe you can like the game play knowing that it’s not you or I that causes this. And have some (((hugs))) too because I like giving them out :blush:.


(((Hugs))) for @PQC, @Pedrovisk, and @Evicton too!


Right back at ya @LadyHadden :blush:

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Yay, thank you!! @Pedrovisk

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Oh yes, @Poezzzie!! (((big hug))) for you! :hugs:

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Why would you do that to someone?
What if they did it to you?

I don’t know how much Ludia developers are influenced by player suggestions. But match making by team was constantly suggested here by some of the forum users. It’s been a disaster.

Not every other player is totally innocent.

I do the opposite to be honest. If I clearly see me losing right from the start I take the dinos and switches exactly that the game is over asap. Better for my feelings, better for my time, not bad for opponent either. Everyone wins.

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This match making feels more designed to hurting droppere then provide a balanced match.

We tend to forget Ludia had to cancel the second alliance rush because of droppers.

Those two factors make me feel that had more to do with match making changes then forums complaints.

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I never thought of it that way, but it definitely makes you care about winning.
Making it hard to progress is certainly a good dropping deterrent.

I do the opposite, I give all I got til the end and have pulled off some victories I never thought I could. Matchmaking is the issue not the opponent. We all understand the challenge very well, but gotta try and keep it fun.