I will make ur creature ideas

Look on my new tread about hybrids yk the one with the aquatics make a hybrid with something from there


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I meant like combine it with something but this also works😂

So elasmolania with something else


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That is so cool im defo stealing that thx

phorusrhacos + random resilient

I made your creature but I don’t post it here because I don’t have permission I think.


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3350 is dibidible by 3?

10 chars

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then put 3300 HP

Welp i just like putting multipliers like 3200,3250,3350,3400,3500,3550,3650,3850,3950,4000,4100,4150,4250 and so on

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but no creature currently has 3350 HP.

Welp i like putting random hp on creatures

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all the HP of the creatures in the game are dibidible by 3

Actually it is a dividible by 3 i think

Giganotosaurus, now that it’s in the game, mixed with Therizinosaurus, which will hopefully join the game as well.

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