I will make ur custom creatures in JWA toolbox

Any Dino is welcome I also make apexes and uniques.

I won’t make any real Dino’s only hybrids

And everyone can share they’re different versions of it.

And I might post some that I personally made.

Have fun!

What do you think of this? Thanks in advance!

I like this creature it’s very well balanced and is not super op and not super weak

I would take out distracting rampage and switch it too cunning impact

kinda op with that counter, remove counter and add no escape

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Pretty sure 4500 damage for 3 turns in a row is overpowered.

Can you make Alloraptor + Pteranodon?

Sure thing! You’ll have it by tomorrow

Here u r HolyPoly1026

It definitely needs some buffs. Armor Piercing Counter should definitely be added. It also can only use its strike on turn one, so adding Distracting Impact or Rending Attack would help with that.

Btw here is my version. Some parts are highlighted because I recently just buffed it. This was actually the first creature I’ve ever made.

Noice I did t add the counter because it could’ve been op tho I like the name a lot too

Thanks for your suggestion I’m new to this so thanks a lot!