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I will make your custom creature in JWA toolbox

Perfect. I Appreciated it.

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More suggestions are here!
I will now split them up into categories. These are:
Non hybrid Jurassic,
Hybrid Jurassic,
Hybrid Paleozoic,
Cenozoic and
Hybrid Cenozoic.
For non hybrid Jurassic, there is:
Aralosaurus, epic.
Muttaburrasaurus, rare
Pisanosaurus, rare.
Parksosaurus, common
Therizinosaurus, epic
Saltopus, common
Scutellosaurus, common.
For Paleozoic, there is:
Eusthenopteron, common
Anomalocaris, epic
Scaphonyx, rare
Lagosuchus, rare
Lystrosaurus, rare.
For Cenozoic, there is:
NONE! @drex876

what huayangatarsus made of

Screenshot 2021-09-11 12.13.38 PM
carno Gen 2 is base off the one from the novel Screenshot 2021-09-11 12.12.49 PM
I made this before your request is that fine
Screenshot 2021-09-11 12.00.29 PM
Screenshot 2021-09-11 12.11.24 PM

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How is your progress? @Drex876

we went to the store

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You making those creatures now?

I think it would have huayangosaurus + a creature known as a syntarsus. Syn-tar-“SUS”

@Drex876 how you doin? I want to see progress.

Looks amazing
mine is like this:

IDKW but i think people will come to you’re post

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I did them all just going to wait till my mouse works

Is it working yet?

Screenshot 2021-09-12 10.42.23 AM
Screenshot 2021-09-12 10.45.13 AM
Screenshot 2021-09-12 10.47.00 AM
Screenshot 2021-09-12 10.50.16 AM
I made a therizinosaurus already
Screenshot 2021-09-12 10.51.16 AM
Screenshot 2021-09-12 10.52.03 AM
Screenshot 2021-09-12 10.53.12 AM
Screenshot 2021-09-12 10.53.56 AM
Screenshot 2021-09-12 10.55.22 AM
Screenshot 2021-09-12 10.56.36 AM
Screenshot 2021-09-12 10.57.42 AM
Screenshot 2021-09-12 10.58.19 AM


well there two of the same name what I do and abelinax and abelisuchus make a hybrid?

Just ignore it, I have coelophysis, tyrannophysis, tyrannophysis gen 2, bajadaphysis and tyrannoboa.
Coelophysis: common.
Tyrannophysis: tyrannosaurus + coelophysis, legendary.
Tyrannophysis gen 2: T-Rex gen 2 + coelophysis, epic.
Bajadaphysis: tyrannophysis gen 2 + bajadasaurus, legendary.
Tyrannoboa: tyrannophysis + titanoboa, unique.


Screenshot 2021-09-12 12.22.07 PM
Screenshot 2021-09-12 12.36.46 PM
Screenshot 2021-09-12 12.40.28 PM
Screenshot 2021-09-12 12.54.39 PM
Screenshot 2021-09-12 12.56.06 PM


Too many requests!
Siats meekerorum, gigantoraptor, indosuchus, huayangosaurus, giganotosaurus, lycaenops, segnosaurus, ornitholestes, callovosaurus, alioramus, alectrosaurus, neovenator, cryolophosaurus, ceratosaurus, limnoscelis, majungatholus, therizinosaurus, pachyrhinosaurus.
HYBRIDS: ankylodocus: Ankylosaurus + diplodocus,
Oviratosaurus: oviraptor + ceratosaurus,
Struthioceratops: struthiomimus + triceratops,
Cerazinosaurus: ceratosaurus + therizinosaurus,
Pachygalosaurus: pachyrhinosaurus + megalosaurus.
My planned version of 2.5 contained quaesitosaurus @drex876

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be honest what u think about this one:

Ithink it would be a pain to take on…

Well, well, well, If it isn’t jaxartosaurus, a dinosaur related to corythosaurus.

What are you doing? Are you going to make my creatures? @Drex876