I will make your hybrid ideas

I will make your ideas in a day or less and i will continue until you guys are done. I will nerf or buff anything you guys want to

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I will also make move ideas

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Could you buff Gorgotrebax?

Yeah mate no problem

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Did not mean to post it twice but hope you like it

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Looks more plausible than the one we have

Anything else?

i know, Nerf Rexy and Albertocevia

Ok no prblem

they’re too much of a powercreep

There i hope you like it

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I have a lvl 19 rexy and even i agree it needs to be nerfed

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:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
good job, pal, you rock son

i hope more people notice this thread

Thanks mate i hope they do to

If there is anything else you want i can do them

I’d like a tweak to Andrewtodon and Andrewtops, with both losing Cleansing Impact for Superior Impact.

I also buffed andrewtops because i wanted an andrewtops buff and i worked with hope thats ok