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I will make your hybrid in Photoshop

Hi CrocoBirb here. I have nothing to do and I like photoshop so I will be happy to listen to your hybrids Ideas. Just give some detail about your hybrid. (I take my time so I will do 2 to 6 hybrid a day) Also I will do less or none at weekends.

I can’t change colours for the hybrids. Sorry!)

Hi could you please combine the argentavis and scuto please, but can you keep it as a flyer. :+1:

Ok any more detail?

Armour around the head and shoulders
Colour of feathers a mix between scuto and argentavis
Talons stay the same, maybe abit of armour around the ankle let me know if you need more.

Also BTW There is not any transparent argentavis pictures so is it ok if I use Haast as a base?

Yeah thats fine :+1:

Gud This may take a while

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Thanks @XxCrocoBirbxX


Sorry for the Quality my computer is on low battery!


How about this?


An armored, heavily built hadrosaurid. It retains the thumb spikes, and it’s back is covered with rows of scutes, almost appearing like a shell, with two rows of small spikes aligned on either side of its spine. Two larger spikes jut out just above its shoulders and at a slight downward angle, with each nearly the full length of its forearms.

It’s skull is also armored, and is shaped like the Tenontorex’s (minus the crest of course), but has nasal sacs just behind its nostrils that it inflates for display, intimidation, and communication across longer distances between individuals and herds.

Its color is deep blue, with a slight shade of emerald green and purple stripe running from the bottom of the neck to the tip of its tail.


Sorry I can’t do colours :cry:

Persianking44 Here is your Request!

I tried my best


Can u make Ankylosaurus + Scorpius Rex plz

I did my best with the limited information and Pictures of Scorpius Rex
Screenshot 2021-06-23 at 6.13.09 PM


could ya do indom +tyrannolopho

Love it will put it onto my argentavis hybrid post

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Here you go Vasla_Sajish


How about a JWA version of Suchoripterus (Dsungaripterus x Suchomimus)?

Can you do a stygimolach+Baryonyx hubrid

Delta and hasst eagle