I will make your strike tower requests!

You can post strike tower requests here!
@Holypoly1026 will you be the first?

I know I’m not @HolyPoly1026 but maybe Bajadasaurus strike

I would like Rexy strike of another dinosaur of Jurassic World like Blue, Indominus enz.

You know, you can post how many steps you want for the strike towers!

What does steps mean?

You know, how many battles there are until you complete the strike tower.

The Bajadasaurus Strike Lvl 26 stats are 5400 hp,1200 dmg and 111 speed and bellow is replaced with Healing Shields
3 steps
First step will be a level 16 unboosted one
Second step will be a level 21 boosted one
And third step will be a level 30 boosted one

Also it’s meant to be like the Carnotaurus Strike

How many boosts do you want for the level 21 and level 30 bajadasaurus? Also, if you want I could do a bajatonodon strike.

Ok u can do bajantodon

Level 21 one is 13 HP 5 Dmg boosts and 2 speed boosts
While level 30 is 15 HP boosts 8 Dmg boosts and 7 speed boosts

Healing Shields is not in game, could you please tell me what it does?

Welp it’s a custom move,it is Group Heal+Group Shield

Does it have a cooldown?

It has a cooldown of 3

Does it have a delay?

10 chars

Bajadasaurus Strike Step 1,
Enemies: Bajadasaurus Level 16,
Difficulty: Easy
Bajadasaurus Strike Step 2,
Enemies: Bajadasaurus Level 21, 13/5/2.
Difficulty: Medium.
Bajadasaurus Strike Step 3,
Enemies: Bajadasaurus Level 30, 15/8/7
Hp: 9025.
Difficulty: Hard-ish.


Did you calculate them or use JWA toolbox?

I used JWA Toolbox.

How much damage does Devastation make and How much does Healing Shields Heal?

Devastation At All Levels Or Just 1 specific level? Oh, plus it also affects healing shields. @EpicThoradolosaur983