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I will try to explain why I believe that the new Matchmaking will not work and it will be unfair


Before starting to develop my exhibition I want to thank the creators of the game for trying to solve a real problem that is very annoying, that of the “bad players” (but not cheaters because they do not break any rules) that go down and up the level expressly, causing a lot of discomfort when “they are going up”, even if they are a “sweet candy” when “they are going down”. They listened to the problem and tried to solve it, which is very much appreciated. Another thing is that I think the solution is not sure that it works, that it can cause even more annoyances and that it is a very unfair system for people who have always acted correctly and have their equipment unbalanced.

Is the solution effective? I think it really does. Many of those who used to make this “dirty” tactics will probably stop doing it. From this point it is a good solution.

Will the solution end the problem? I do not think so. Although some of these players will stop doing this tactic, others will continue to do so, assuming they will take longer to come up than now.

Will the solution have negative consequences? I think so. Until now someone who voluntarily dropped 1000 trophies, to do so, he “gave away” 40 battles to some users when he went down and then massacred 40 poor users when he went up. Now he can go down very quickly leaving a good team of 30 and playing badly, losing many trophies in each battle, but it will rise very slowly because when he starts playing well with the team of 30 in low arenas, it will cost him a lot to raise, because he will win all the battles but will add few trophies in each of them. Therefore, whoever continues to do this tactic will annoy even more “good” players than before.

Why do I think the solution is unfair? I will explain it with a very clear example. A partner of my alliance I think she is the perfect player. She loves this game, she lives in zone 4 and she spends many hours hunting the dinos she finds, basically suchomimus. She was the first player in the alliance to have a dino 30, long ago, of course, a suchotator. But she continued to harvest suchomimus and has more than 200,000 suchumimus waiting for someday to be useful. The rest of his team is very different, as he lives in zone 4 and has no parks nearby, the average level of his other dinos is 25, with some of 22 and others of 27 as a minimum and maximum, it is one of the worst ranked in the alliance and she has about 4400 trophies. What will happen now? what will happen is that the new system will crush her, match her with teams with many Tyrant creatures of 30 and also when she wins (if she manages to win any battle) she will win few points and when she loses she will lose many trophies. What should she do? ? Should she give up playing with her dear suchotator that she had such a hard time creating?

Something similar will happen with a few Teams that I have faced that had creatures of 30 but of low level (velociraptor, delta, Trex, Allosauro, …). When I faced them and they beat me, I said “Bravo!” They could not beat “Tyrant” teams of 30 but they could sometimes beat “Tyrant” teams of 24. Now they will also be crushed.

In my specific case it will not affect me much, but it makes me ask whether I should evolve better dinos from 29 to 30 or I should not do it to avoid being crushed.

As always, this is just an opinion.



I live and work in L4. Like you said, I also have a very high level Suchotator, which is the only thing that can survive a couple attacks from my opponents dinos that are often 2 or 3 levels above all my dinos. But trust me, I DON’T CARE at all that I will have to take it out of my team (at least until my other dinos get to the same level). Not having to face full team of dinos 2 levels above mine will be simply awesome (if the programmers do the matchmaking level right). It’s only one dinos out of my team, and I’ll easily replace it with another decent dino which is at the same level as the rest of my team. And since from then on, I should not face overlevelled dinos anymore, I should be ok. My poor Suchotator will have to wait until the rest of my team catch up with him. I seriously don’t mind.

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Short Version:

A good level 30 rare could be equal to a level 23-24 Unique.

But after the change the level 30 rare will face other Unique at same level 30.

This means.

Dinos that we overlevled to be good against lower levled dinos now are usless.



My first thought is - why worry about this now? Let us wait and see.

But, as I understand it if someone drops arenas and then switches in their top team they will only be matched against other players in that trophy range with similar over leveled teams so they could end up stuck down there a long time unless they use an appropriate team; they will not be able to rampage against players naturally in that arena - however this all depends on the importance of each element that contributes towards team score - again, we won’t know until we know.

The other point is valid - however I think having to maintain a “balanced” team is not a bad thing - yes it penalises those who have really over powered creatures, but the point is, if its a Draco “everyone” thinks its a bad thing; if its a Suchotator then “everyone” thinks its a good thing. One solution will not solve every problem but I think this is a step in the right direction - if the price we pay is having to have balanced teams then in my opinion that is a price worth paying (and I say that as someone with a L30 Suchotator).


Ludia should use Lvl+stat boost+(1 rare, 2 Epic, 4 legend, 5 unique) then total team score.

If they go on max lvl it will get inappropriate.


I try and spend as little time battling as possible to get my incubators quickly so I can hunt. I’m not sure how I can min/max the new system yet, but I will try.
I’ve got nothing at the moment though. It will be a problem, but I’ll adapt.


Have a lvl 30 sucho add the rat put them against a player with lvl 21 dinos and you have the perfect recipe for injustice.
This change will finally bring some justice to the arenas


As I understand you, it is perfectly fair that a team with tryko 29, draco 29, dilora 29 and Thor 29 with a score of 5500 from someone moving through the four zones was paired with a team 4000 with suchotator 30, a wherosauro 27, a nodopatosauro 26 and a Trex 23 of someone who lives in zone 4 and that if this second team wants to win some battle, they should remove the suchotator, the wherosauro and the nodopatosauro from their team and put creatures of 23. I suppose we have different concepts of what is fair and what is not.


I am really looking forward to using my Meg again, but it is my only 30. Stegod at 29 may have to sit out for a bit. The rest of the team is 26-28 with the exception of Magna at a 25. I wonder which way matchmaking will go, I’m thinking the 30 is going to be an issue.


The goal would be to use your boosts on your lowest level dinos… bringing them up p


Is this new system based on the overall team strength or highest leveled creature?


I live and work in the same zone; I have creatures from all zones - I go and find them and/or request them from my alliance - that’s the point of the game. It would be great if they rotated zones but they don’t. Someone who is prepared to move through all zones SHOULD have an advantage over someone who only hunts in one.

It someone can’t do this (and I appreciate some have good reasons) then perhaps the game simply isn’t for them and they should find one that is. Balanced teams would appear to (we don’t know for sure yet) solve more problems than they create.

Edit: What @Evicton says - boosts will bring lower level creatures up to team level creating balance; so two things you hate individually will actually work together to make the game better (hopefully).

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According to patch it uses dinosaur level, boosts, and trophy count to give you a teamscore and you gain trophies based on that score

Since noone outside Ludia knows the equation for this… its kinda pointless to speculate on what its affects will be.


I’m wondering how they will calculate with the match making.

They better have a rarity multiplier such as this:
Common = 1.0
Rare = 1.1
Epic = 1.2
Legendary = 1.3
Unique = 1.4

Then they need a power up adder to the multiplier that would equal .01 per power up. So if you power up one Unique dino all the way, the multiplier factor for that dino would be 1.7. If you have a level 25 unique all powered up, it would be counted as a level 45 compared to a level 25 common with no power ups.

A level 30 suchotator (30 x 1.1) a power level of 33 is equal with a level 25 Legendary (25 x 1.3) that has a power level of 32.5, or a level 23 Unique (23 x 1.4) that has a power level of 32.2. If they figure it this way, you can still use over leveled rares and epics with your team.


This is all speculation but a balanced team should in principle result in decent match-making. An inbalanced team is always going to produce poorer match-making under any system.

Take an extreme example - you have 4 L29s and 4 L20s - the system matches you with against a team with the same imbalance; then their 4 L29s get picked and your 4 L20s get picked - you immediately cry “Wah! Its not fair I got matched badly!” - no your team is the problem not the match-making.


This, exactly this. I couldn’t have said it better


I trust that it is so. As I said at the beginning, I appreciate that they try to solve a real problem and hopefully it is the solution. I only hope that this is not the end of the brave who used little powerful creatures but at level 30 (allosauro, suchotator, delta, velociraptor, tanycolageus, Trex, einiasuchus, diplotator, majundasuchus, ornithomimus, etc) as they were the few who contributed a little diversity and they broke the monotony.

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Then, someone who can create some creatures at a very high level (stegodeus, tragodistis, suchotator, etc.) but who does not find DNA to climb the other creatures (because he does not find irritator for Magna, because he never sees a Darwin, because he does not see never erlikos,) what should he do? he must leave his stegodeus or suchotator in 24 even if he has components to evolve to 29 hoping that in a few months he can get something from Irritator, Darwin or Erliko to evolve to 25?

On the other hand, the only sense so far to evolve a suchotator, a diplotator, a Delta etc was that these creatures had much more level than the rest of the team and the rivals. A diplotator of 30 made sense in a team of average 25, a diplotator of 25 made sense in a team with average 20. If a diplotator must have the same level as the rest of the team you are saying that a diplotator should never be in any team . What is being said is “You must have the 8 BEST dinosaurs on the same level”. Goodbye to the little diversity that there was.


geez there are some whiners on here!! lets wait and see how it comes out before being negative over total speculation.


I’m more concerned how much time it will take to find an opponent.

I’m sure that won’t be that extreme for players with few high level dinos.