I wish there were weekend raids

I wish there were weekend raids.

Because honestly, after I get the participation reward in the weekly tournament, I find those tournaments boring and tedious. The rewards are good, the tournaments are lacking.


At least Friday since all these raids area are starting to spread the bosses even more with the ‘short-range spawning’

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Honestly 4 raids a day Monday through Thursday is a bit too much at one time. The 16 available raids should be spaced out over 7 days. Sometimes it takes 2-3 tries to kill one apex boss


That’s true but if we do 7 day they’ll end up putting 4 raids for each of 7 days. Someone once reccomended having a side bar for raids which would be godly to have

Please put all epic and legendary raids into weekends instead.


Mabye a lynthronax raid

The raids are the least rewarding thing in the game that require a lot of time to do. I only do the epic and apex raids now and I hate every minute of it.

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Haha. I have zero desire or interest for the Megalo raid (haven’t bothered doing it for the past 2 weeks) and I loathe Hadros although I do that one each week to unlock it.

If they sorted the animation out to stop looking at the knocked out minions you’d save 5 mins a raid!

Hadros and Megalo with the retaliation really drive me mad as it just adds extra time to the raid.

I love Mortem as we help lower level players clear it with some carry strats, although Ludia must know that as it doesn’t ever spawn within my lockdown reach!

But yeah, I called for raids going into a menu like campaign a while ago and I’ve seen others say the same thing.

There are way too many raids during the week

Should they put up raids on the weekend? I don’t know, it is problematic due to the tournaments, Ludia gives us that “rest” to focus on the tournaments and epics of weekly events

The game itself already demands too much (and more if you work or study) but I don’t see a way for everyone to be happy, in the same way, the change of raids does not bother me, I will adapt

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Yes too many unnecessary seconds wasted. Why does it use the aerial view forever when nothing is going on? Why does it show the dead minions? Why stay on a stunned dino so long? Speed things up and cut out the unnecessary things.

I had recently come up with the idea of ​​"Daily raids on one side".

On one side of the screen, a red bar is shown with the bosses of the same day, to enter the raid, just press the chosen boss and it will take him to the room that we already know and from start the raid without changes


In this case, suppose it is a Tuesday, instead of looking for a boss on your radio, just select the desired raid.
I wanted to create this new modality due to the current pandemic and people with work, I am studying and it is very difficult to go out to look for a Sercano chief since in the commune where I live he is in quarantine and phase 2. In my opinion it is much more like and accessible like this (while we are in a time of pandemic)


When there was only 1 or 2 bosses a day then I was keen for weekend raids. But while there’s 4 in a day I’ve been glad of the break at weekends. Trying to help my whole alliance through so many raids is getting a bit draining.
If we stop adding more raid bosses (or maybe remove some of the awful ones like Megalo) and spread them out over 7 days, that would be more manageable. And I love the idea of a sidebar, many countries are going into a strict lock down where we can’t just go for a nice long walk or drive to find bosses.


Agreed, I’m only available for play on the weekends, and I never see any raids then…

As others have said in other threads, I’d suggest putting Raid options as a menu in the Alliance tab and available 24/7 (with cool down) and keep them off the map.

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