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I won a battle and only gained 1 trophy. Lost and lost 32?


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Bug Description: Trophy Rewards

Area is was found in: Battles

It only happened once. During battle. But still annoying.

What type of device are you using: iPhone 6s

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)

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Welcome to the great kingdom of Ludia.


You were probably fighting a bot


You must be fighting player with a lot less trophies than you have that you won only 1 trophie. Losing 32 isn’t that much. I lose over 40 trophies sometimes. Though never won less than 10 trophies so far.


Trophies won or lost is a simple stepwise function of the difference between your starting trophy count and your opponent’s starting trophy count…

Trophies lost = 30 + { (your starting trophy count - their starting trophy count) DIV 10 }

Trophies gained = 30 + { (their starting trophy count - your starting trophy count) DIV 10 }


I just played and gained none did get my incubator though


I had a battle a few weeks ago where I won over 100 trophies. Sure enough I lost a similar amount a few days later :grimacing: