I won but I lost trophies

Ludia, can you tell me what happened here ? I played a battle against a bot (with stacked team) and despite winning I lost trophies…

You can see it in this video :


Same here. Happened 3 separate times all 20 trophies


Yep. Have had 2 battles I’ve won where I lost 20 trophies both times.


2 bot battles for me won a crazy high amount of 75. Then won again and lost -20. Very odd both times

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I know @MNBrian one of the writers for metahub also had this happen to him as well

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have you ever lost but gained trophies?

i have, and typically the count corrects itself after my next battle.

this seems like the other side of that coin.

Its not correcting itself tho

Its got to be a bug in bot battle algorithms

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Previously nothing over +49 was possible. And never would u win and lose trophies. But yet got a +75 and -20 on 2 different bot battle wins. Its messed up. Ludia needs to look into it forsure

This game isn’t always the best at having everything display correctly in the moment, but it’s amazing at correcting itself later.

Its not correcting. If u were battling bots u would understand

Somethings bugged. Its not a visual glitch

Massive differnce

Just had another bot win with -7 trophies. Level 29 dilorach, 27 tenontorex, 30 pyro an, and 29 gigaspike

Makes no sense lol glad i got 4 8 hours to wait on now. They can fix that while i pop incus :joy:

isn’t it though?

i’ll make these numbers up, because i don’t actually pay attention to the trophies when i win, i just get angry when i lose, but 42 feels like a good number to use.

Battle #1 - success
should have been awarded 42
actually awarded 75

Battle #2 - success
should have been awarded 42
actually awarded 75

Battle #3 - success
should have been awarded 42
actually awarded -20

should have been total - 126
actual total - 130

i have experienced this, and this is how have interpreted it, though i may be wrong.

I dont undersrand ur point there. Even in the end scenario ur ur numbers dont match lol but anyways.

Under no circumstance should +75 be given for a win. (+49 has always been the max) and also under no circumstance should u lose ANY amount of trophies after a win.

Its bugged plain and simple.


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I posted this problem here a couple of months ago, noone believed me. lol

where is ned? or jason ?