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I WON! I WON! Troodon Appreciation Thread

I’ve been lobbying for this since late 2018. I’m happy. I’m throwing a party. I want marshmallows. I am going back to school just so I can ditch school and I’m throwing a party! I finally got what I wanted.

And you’re all invited!

Now it’s not exactly like I wanted it, but I honestly didn’t expect it to be like Telltale Games had it. So let the petition commence now that it’s in the game. Support Troodon getting buffed before it even begins. Vote Yes to this:

We need its venom. So now we can officially push for this. Come on. We made it this far, just in time for Halloween. Just add venom and the cute creepy glowing eyes!

Do you support Troodon getting venom and glowing eyes like the Telltale version?
  • Yes
  • No

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At least it’s an actually Dino this time around, and a well done one at that.


I just feel so fulfilled. I finally got what I wanted after 2 years of asking.

@Pradyun_Gaddam Why don’t you support this? I want a legitimate answer. There is no legitimate reason to oppose this poll other than to just be that guy that stands out. Is this left over disagreement residue from another thread?

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Am I the only one who dislikes ‘troodon’s’(which doesn’t even exist) design? They could’ve given this thing some floof and still make it look cool but NOOO

It does exist.

Just ask @Carnoraptor.troodon and vote! Support the Telltale buff!

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who wouldn’t want that? A cunning bleeder!

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Troodon is an invalid genus. A wastebasket taxon


Technically Troodon was categorized as undiagnostic and was absorbed within the genus Latenivenatrix.

I’ve never been sold on the telltale version, but I will admit it’s always fun to see what JP creative liberty spin there ends up being on different dinos. I think the Jurassic World: Evolution version was just right for what they were going for.

That being said I’m personally happy with the one we got. We can always get a GEN 2 that has the crazier venomous stuff and some fluff.


Just let me have this… I’m happy.

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I’m gonna be happy once we get the much cooler sounding Latenivenatrix(big props to the person that names this thing,‘Hiding Huntress’)


Nice that troodon is in the game, however I don’t think it abilities and looks should rely heavily on the tell-tale game, let this game go for its own style of troodon.


Well done,i just expect ludia to have done some work and not copying the pattern of “monolophsaurus/dilophosaurus/quetzorion/tanycolagreus” and i hope it get his own movements.

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New dinosaurs that are similar enough to use a different animation will use it. Ludia pays a lot of money to create new animations. The only time they do it is when they introduce a new family or genus

Yeah, but look at how many people want this. I always usually have the mindset on here of I’ll support anyone especially if it doesn’t really negatively impact me or anyone else. What’s the harm? That reason alone makes me wonder why these people actually voted no. It’s easy to vote no, but I want explanation as to why you all said no? I get when we’re having a discussion that really tugs at people’s feelings about the game, but this just comes off as malicious and not wanting to see others happy. This would be like voting no to say if the Rockstar community were petitioning to have Halloween decorations to put up on the outside and inside of their properties on Grand Theft Auto Online. Now why would any reasonable person reject that idea when it clearly doesn’t bother them other than simply to be negative?

I think that’s a very fair comparison and you can even address that as well. It’s the same thing. A simple cosmetic addition. Most reasonable gamers don’t oppose cosmetic requests.

@Ack @Earlidominus @CADEN_EPIC @TheNumenor @MrBig

So yes let’s actually defend our stance as that is the purpose of these forums rather than simply vote. Especially seeing as how this is the most baffling No vote of all time in these forums.

Troodon rn is probably the cutest animal in the game. And you want to make its eyes white and generally make it uglier?

It’s still cute. We are advocating to make it more powerful and that is the best version of it ever in Telltale’s game.

The Troodon in that picture is NOT cute

So you are cute shaming more horrific looking creatures?

I mean yes it’s very cute as is, but it’s just like any other basic dinosaur.

You know what… I actually have a compromise!

I have always wanted this dinosaur in the month of October and you have to understand finally getting it in time for Halloween is truly a dream come true for me.

Well at first I thought we could have it morph into this like a Super Sonic type thing, but then I figure why not have it permanently look like Telltale’s just for the month of October?

But it needs to keep the venom.

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As long as venom doesn’t change the appearance, then I’m all for it

Wait why do we want it to have glowy eyes? That’s too edgy and wannabe creepy. It’s not even fitting for these games since that’s mostly to scare the crap outta humans. Tyrannosaurus wouldn’t be impressed by a creepy looking Troodon. It would be better to give feathers.

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