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I Wonder If This Is The Exo Guy From YouTube, The Car Bass Guru,? Can't Have To Many With That Name 2p+16p Side Pix

If So He Sure Pounded On My Windows!!!
And Much Love To Ya EXO!!! Love Your Videos If It’s You!
Plus You Need To Take Me For A Demo In Frankenstein!!!
Good Vibrations!!! You Pushing Like Over 170db Rite?
That’s That Bone Quaken Power!!!
And He Looks Like He’s 36? MAYBE I’ll Get A Response?

I Wonder How Many People Have Seen These Pix. Who Was Actually In The Ring With Me? I Guess That Would Be Kinda Crazy, Seeing You Crew Pasted On The Forum? Have Any Of Y’all Seen Your Pic?

Got Bass??? LOL :grin:
The Last Pic, Looks Like A Earthquake Rattling Everything Around In Video!!!
Well I Guess You Wouldn’t Need A Spin Cycle :wink::grin:

That Bass Tho!!!LOL GOTTA Love That Hurt!!!

TOO Bad My Hair Won’t Do That!!! LoL

The Look Of Bass-Heads (PriceLess)LOL!!!