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I wonder if this player felt bad for me?

I got matched up with this team today. As you can see they are top 200, yet they kept swapping back and forth and not hitting me very hard, obviously to let me win. Because they are top 200 I seriously doubt they were de-ranking.

This is my team.

I mentioned this in alliance chat on Discord and one of the regulars said that they probably felt sad for me because mm pitted me against them. If this is the case, I sure wish I could thank them! It’s not often that somebody is so considerate that they would do that.


Ludia has changed matchmaking within the last few days. This is a reversion to V1.6.
The matches are MUCH closer and if you lose two in a row you play against a computer generated player (AI).
I think the matchmaking is now 100 times better than it was.
Good move, Devs!


I have to disagree with it being much better lol.

My highest dino is lvl 25. Here’s what I just fought.

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My sone and I are in Lockwood, my wife just went from Sorna to Ruins, and my daughter in law is lower still. All of us are seeing this.

Are you playing above Lockwood Estate? What’s your arena and trophy count?
Perhaps they only reverted back to 1.6 for lower trophy count players?

I was in high Aviary (4,980-something) before that battle. Now I’m back in Library, but of course yesterday I got punished for leveling my Trykosaurus from 25 to 26 (I used all my attempts on Kentro), so I fell from 5,089 trophies to the 4,980 range.

Last night I battled several times with my incubator slots full just to see if I could get back to Library, but I always bounced between the 4,950-4,980 range.

I’m in Aviary 4,850-4,900. I expect to see some good teams but that team was ridiculous there. And most matches are like that for me.

Perhaps too many are in the tourney instead of arena. But I never get any ‘fair’ matches anyway lol.

I am at my wit’s end with the constant DracoceRAT-OPs crap! Every time we level our dinos Ludia punishes us with unrelenting losing streaks in an attempt to force us to buy more boosts! Well I hate to break it to them but that ruse isn’t working with me and it never has! Games are supposed to be FUN, yet Ludia must think it’s funny to cause stress, anxiety and depression instead of joy.

I regret every penny I spent on this trainwreck of a game last winter, and I wish I had it all back. It’s time to break this addiction once and for all.


Hmm not seeing that myself. In Aviary and my 22 to 24 team is constantly being matched with 26 to 30 lvls.

Interesting… Three people from Aviary all saying that they don’t see a change.
Can anyone else from the lower arenas chime in? Is matchmaking working better for you?

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Honestly the biggest issue contributing to match making is the small amount of players above 4k trophies… around 10k above 4300.

Yet theres over 80k between 2300- and top of the leaderboard.

Even if they “improved” match making the lower volume of players pretty much ensures those above 4k will not be as good. Lower arenas would benefit more due to the larger player pool.

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That is correct. More players below.

And as I have said before I’m okay going against some bigger teams when I can’t be matched. The problem here is that, you see that team I posted? It was boosted out too. I stood no chance. And I lost 30 trophies.

The gain loss should be different for them and us… they gain 30 I lose 2. Sure that’s okay I would say oh well. At least I got a take down towards my dbi. But then it leads to the rat, a team like that? Not likely to get a takedown when it has a uber boosted rat aswell.

Only if they’re a nice player and don’t purposely 3-0 with a rat swap in before you can kill the uber leveled/boosted dino.

That’s not even that bad of a mismatch. You have 4 at lvl 30. You could have won potentially

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I don’t get this “much closer” matches but I am definitely getting an AI after I a loose 2.

I’ll keep preaching this - mm change alone won’t fix anything.

They need to add net new trophies into the system.

This is accomplished best by allowing the winner to win 1 trophy more than the loser loses. Right now they are only added from players at or below 60 trophies.


In addition, the mm being reverted will be very bad for a lot of folks too. Some short term (where they should be, but currently “hidden” from higher folks inappropriately low - they will become exposed to them and will drop - causing a gross effect for a short time) some long term (we have folks way higher than they ought to be - that fall back to where they should be is gonna be terrible.)

Dont get me wrong, it needs to happen.

But the correction that it will force will be painful. There are currently folks way higher than they should be - and folks way lower than they should be.

That correction, while necessary, is going to be quite painful for everyone that’s not an over leveled player in an inappropriately low arena.

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I’m in Aviary and I see 26-30’s. I also get an AI after two losses. The AI team is usually 25-26 range.

ludia devs would change the most complaint thing in this forum and not tell us a word?

well… im aviary. saturday i lost from 4800+ to about 4500 (i reached lockwood once than climbed back to aviary).

every saturday i usually lost many trophies, i think it’s because of many more people playing above me, and pushing me down. then sunday to monday i start to climb again.

this saturday was more dramatic than usual, i was matched against the worst monsters i ever seen.

and as expected, today i reached 4800+ again, thanks to easier matches sunday and today.


but i can’t see what this have to do with team score matchmaker… trophies only would be different?

i will see matchmaker difference when i upgrade my team and have better results, other than drop because of matched against stronger teams.

Well it seems to be better for everyone but me - the mm in the Aviary is beyond dreadful. Before 1.7 - before May - I was above 5,200 trophies. My team is stronger and boosted like everyone else’s (5-6), average 27.5, but I keep losing to grossly OP teams and barely keeping out of Lockwood Estates. It’s like I’m stuck in quicksand. I have also yet to see a bot (except the 30 second time out AI I decline because I need trophies… which appears to be a futile endeavor).

Well, I guess if things get better for some they have to get worse for others… right? :thinking:

Where is this information posted? Or, how did you come across this information?

It was not posted by Ludia. Of course, that’s not too surprising, as they have been quite tight-lipped about changes lately… especially when it comes to matchmaking. I think they’re trying to prevent players from exploiting the system. You can’t exploit what you don’t understand.

This conclusion has been drawn based on the personal experiences from the user base, both those on this forum and those I know personally. While it is still possible to be mis-matched by up to 4 dinosaur levels from time to time, these was a definite paradigm shift around Thursday of last week which was noticed by a number of players and has been discussed since that time.

If I may ask… what have your experiences been like before and after last Thursday? What arena do you fight in, and have you noticed more evenly matched battles? If you lose two in a row, do you notice the third match has odd non-meta dinosaurs that swap in and out more than most players typically do, especially near the end of the battle?