I wonder what if two people at same place bump into the same dino at the same time?


Or one launches the drone after the other who already starts darting the same dino, what happens then?


yes me to my girlfriend to go the same dino at the same place at the same time


Two people can collect DNA from the same dino. The map updates per device. A friend at work played JWA briefly and we would inform each other about dinos we’ve spotted.


So when you are done darting say a T-Rex at your park, shortly after a sinoceratop pops up somewhere nearing it, will this situation repeat on another’s device? That the respawning procedure goes same for everyone


My girlfriend and I go hunting together all the time and collect the same dinos. There’s a 10-foot difference between our phones’ GPS, which comes in handy because sometimes something will appear on one phone but not the other. And then we just move around until it appears for both of us. Once in a while something will only appear on one phone and never the other, but not very often.


@TheMaxx I could be wrong but it seems like there is a type of proximity spawn that is individual to each player, and you usually have to dart it at that time, if you close the app and restart it, it probably wont be there


That probably explained why once there was a monopholosaurus at my proximity spawn but was gone in no time due to reconnection.