I wonder what next week will bring

We all know we will hit 6 attempts at trex. I cant imagine anyone going for seco unless they think he isnt under a green box :smiley: and he is. So who else is eager to know next weeks dinos already?

Any ideas what it might be or what you want it to be? I wouldnt mind dilo gen2 and dracorex and…


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We are getting a pre voted upon Christmas group. I’ll say this once since that’s all it needs to be said.

Side note, I am sorry about your personal struggles with Ourano.


oh ok.
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Ouranosaurus is impossible. Idk how people have Diloracheirus. :confused::neutral_face:

I would love an Ourano event too fwiw

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They hunt.

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Diloranosaurus is literally the 1 of my only 2 legendaries I haven’t unlocked yet. the 2 fuses I did a week ago and 3 weeks ago were 10, 10.
My other legendary I haven’t gotten yet is Alankylosaurus

:evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree: :christmas_island::christmas_island::christmas_tree::christmas_tree:
Taking a guess and saying scent of claws strike events + christmas theme strike events + scent of claws.



Dang that’s rough. Hope you hit back to back 100s next.

yeah me too, this is actually how I got utasinoraptor from only 2 fusions!

Next week will bring more bugs… And some Dino’s. But mostly more bugs.

Make runner theme. And it will countain dracorex, para, erlikosaurus, ourano.

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I’ll be stoked if this is true. Never thought I’d be excited about Stegosaurus or Dracorex but they would be awesome now. Actually I never thought I’d be excited about Sinoceratops either considering it always came out with Ankylosaurus which I chose, so I never got any Sino at all but after last week and if this is true hello Utarinex :smile:
That said we have had heaps of Sino and only 6 attempts at Kentro in as long as I can remember.

I hope it’s erlik :crossed_fingers:

Buddy I got over 10k dilophosaurus. Ouranosaurus is so rare ;-;

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I know one place I always see oruano spawn but I only go past once a week and it’s with my boss so I not gonna say call in there so I can catch a dino

Ourano is my zone’s epic. Used to see at least one on a daily basis when it was not so cold outside…now i have more dilo than ourano, was other way round couple of months ago.

Dilo and ourano arent in the same zones… dilo is one and ourano is 2. Just so ya know

Also every zone has more than 1 epic @Sheri