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I wont stop asking about dragon textures!

Fix the dragon textures please! I cant watch these,because they are terrible. Only a few species dragons are lucky and have good textures. I wana to see the oldest textures… Before the update which just kill the game!
I want to see reply pls!

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Hey CovalTheShort, the texture for the dragons has been addressed in a previous update. Could you please make sure that you have updated to the latest version of the game? :slight_smile:

While some dragons could certainly see some improvement, I really highly doubt they’re going to return things back to the older textures. Some of which were actually worse, in my opinion. I found a picture I had taken myself of The Lethal Lancebeak from early on and she looks better now.

You also have to keep in mind that working with textures has much to do with optimization of the game itself. You can have 1024x1024 texture maps with slight degradation in quality but optimal game speeds, less lag and less likelihood and/or no crashing, or you can have 2048x2048 texture maps with high quality, and, with how many dragons we have and many more being added on a regular basis, constant crashes, lag, and the fps just completely dragging.

These arn’t choices made for the heck of it. They’re not hoarding the textures away to begrudgingly return them if there’s enough of an outcry.

There was a mistake with an update that caused the textures to glitch and blur- which is all that was, a mistake. It’s been addressed. And I stand by my comment of there always being room for improvement. I agree in that it seems some dragons got the short end of the stick in terms of textures. I hope at some point those will get cleaned up, but to be honest? It’s probably pretty low on their list of priorities.

I thought the Thunderclaw had some nice textures though. I was about to say the same for the Bonestormer, but I only gave enough effort to get a 2* and looking now, it looks pretty blurry :confused: I could easily be wrong but it feels like an edit of the already blurry Stormcutter textures. Trügrit seems to be much better. Don’t know about the 5* though.

Yes my game is updated and the textures are little more good than before but they arent the original.
I will stop playing this trash and i will start playing
School of dragons

School of dragons?

I mean, I get the feeling this isn’t going to matter any but I’m going to put this here anyway.

SoD is an MMORPG. TU is a match three. Two completely different styles of gameplay. Apples to oranges. If you’re insinuating that Titan Uprising is ‘trash’ merely because of a few textures being subpar, and you feel SoD is far superior- well, obviously that’s personal opinion.

But I’m still going to put these here.

Skrill_break Alpha_tooth_head_2
Now, I’m not saying that SoD is something terrible. I still have it installed, even if I havn’t touched it in forever and a day. All I’m saying is that those that live in glass houses shouldn’t be casting stones.

And as an aside; people, no matter if they’re paying customers, that are demanding and outright rude to those that are giving you a service you don’t actually have to pay for, are not often missed.